Renowned for its innovative range of heating technologies, leading manufacturer Grant continues to support the journey towards sustainable home heating and the deployment of renewables throughout Ireland. 

The company’s award-winning Grant Aerona3 R32 air to water, air source heat pumps are being specified by heating engineers and installed in social housing projects, new build developments and retrofit projects throughout the country due to their cleaner, more environmentally friendly performance, and ability to lower a property’s overall carbon footprint.

To support the move to heat pump technology, Grant has diversified its education offering for engineers, installers, architects and local authorities, to include Engineers Ireland approved heat pump focused CPD courses via its onsite Training Academy and online eLearning Academy. 

Keith Scully, head of the Grant Training Academy, said: “We continue to see consistent interest in our education offering, in particularly, out heat pump courses both onsite and online. As demand continues to increase, we are working on new renewables focused courses to launch this year.

"We are delighted to be in the position to play a key role in supporting the training and development of engineers, installers, architects and BERs so that they can learn more about heat pump technology and best practice in terms of installation.”  

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Showcasing the Grant Aerona3 heat pump 

Air to water heat pumps like the Grant Aerona3 R32 models are versatile heating technologies as they can be installed in new build properties, as well as part of a deep retrofit project in older properties. 

Barry Gorman, National Renewables Sales Manager at Grant said: “Following accurate heat loss calculations and specification, installing a heat pump within a new build property will result in a highly efficient heating system which will ensure long term comfort and financial savings for the property owner.

However, installing a heat pump as part of a retrofit does pose more challenges due to the existing heating design, layout and construction of older buildings where a high temperature heating system would have been traditionally installed. Therefore, for an older building to become heat pump ready upgrades need to be made to the building fabric and air tightness to ensure that the heat pump can work effectively and efficiently – which is a costly process.”

This is an important reason why Grant offers a heating design service free of charge for new build and deep retrofit projects. Upon submission of property plans Grant’s technical specialists undertake in-depth heat loss calculations to enable the heat pump, supporting hot water storage and heat emitters to be sized and specified correctly, to ensure a fully integrated, highly efficient heating system. 

Grant continues to be a favourite manufacturer of engineers throughout the country sue to its dedication to ensuring its innovative range of heating technologies are helping homes throughout Ireland to reduce carbon emissions and become more sustainable in the journey towards a zero-carbon future.  

About the Grant Aerona3 R32 air to water, air source heat pump 

  • Award winning;
  • Highly Efficient A+++ Energy Rating;
  • Available in four outputs (6kW, 10kW, 13kW and 17kW);
  • 13kW and 17kW models recognised by Quiet Mark for their quiet operation;
  • Offers a superior seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) even at colder temperatures;
  • Can help achieve compliance required under building regulations;
  • Sized and Specified by Grant as part of their free home heating design service;
  • Works effectively with Grant Afinia aluminium radiators and Grant Uflex underfloor heating;
  • Every Aerona heat pump is commissioned by Grant at no extra cost.

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