Convert, don't replace, your old friend with Swytch's eBike practical kit. 

Source: Swytch

On the market for an ebike but don't want to part with your faithful old bicycle? Then why not convert your existing cycle to one with this simple, and easy-to-install kit? The kit is cheaper than getting a purpose-built ebike and has the added benefit of not being limited to the standard aesthetic look of existing ebike models. What's not to like?

What is the Swytch e-bike converter?

The smallest of its kind on the market, Swytch's eBike conversion kit is a very exciting innovation indeed. Easy to instal, the kit is something of a one-size-fits-all for most existing bicycle models and only weighs 3kg. 

From mountain bikes to step-through bikes, this little kit will give the power-assisted biking experience you've been longing for. 


For owners of foldable Brompton bikes, Swytch has a specifically designed kit for you too. Slightly different in design from the standard version, the installation and operation of the kit are basically the same. 

You get all the parts and instructions you need, so no extra tools are necessary for fitting. The main motor comes packaged in a purpose-built wheel hub that replaces the normal front wheel of your bike.

Once your bike's front wheel is replaced with the motor-integrated wheel, all you then need to do is attach the pedal sensor, and position the quick connect bracket on the handlebars for the battery pack. As soon as the battery pack is installed and connected, you are basically good to go. 

Once fitted, you can continue setting the power level you want, and then start pedalling. The converter kit will then do the rest. 

On the move, so long as the battery pack is installed, the pedal sensor monitors whether you are pedalling, or not. When it detects that you are pedalling, the power pack works out the optimum power to deliver to the motor based on the selected power level. As soon as you stop pedalling, the power pack automatically cuts the power to the motor to save juice. 

Unlike purpose-built ebikes, the conversion kit is pretty light, it's also fast – very fast. Apart from the need to add extra cables to the frame, and attach the power back to your handlebars, this conversion kit gives you all the benefits of a regular ebike except you get to keep your old bike at the same time.

Win, win. 

Like other ebikes, the kit really comes into its own on steep inclines, making the ascent quite literally a breeze. For flats and downhill sections, you can either coast along and stop pedalling, or manually switch off the kit via the control panels on the power pack. 

Source: Swytch

All well and good, you may ask, but how much does the kit cost? 

The standard retail price is about €1,200. But, you can also pre-order the kit every few months to fit your bicycle's dimensions for a fraction of that – usually 50% off. So what's the catch with the discounted price? 

Well, you'll need to wait a few weeks for the wheel to be built and shipped out, that's all. 

What's more, the kit comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime ¨technical and customer support for life. The warranty covers any replacement parts or collection for repairs, and also comes with free live video support calls from Swytch's highly qualified engineers based in London. 

The lifetime support does exactly what it says on the tin and is valid for as long as you own the conversion kit – even if it is out of warranty. Once out of warranty, you will need to pay for any replacement parts, but will only be charged at cost. 

What do you get with the Swytch eBike converter kit?

At the core of the kit is a special compact 40Nm high-torque brushless motor. This should be more than enough to propel most adults up 30% inclines with little to no trouble. What's more, the kit comes equipped with a special controller algorithm that has zero drag. 

The innovative motor is powered using a specially designed lithium-ion power pack. It comes in two forms, ECO and PRO. The pack sits neatly on a handlebar mount and can be easily removed for storage and safety. 

Source: Swytch

The kit is designed to fit standard bike forks of 100mm (3 and 15/16 inches) and is compatible with most gear types including derailer and hub gears. Depending on your taste, the kit comes in a choice of silver or black. 

The 1.5kg powerpack has enough juice to power your modified bike up to a distance of 50km and can be fast-charged in as little as two hours. 

With regards to speed, theoretically, it can get up to 32km/h, but that will depend on where you live in the world and the legal top speed for using a bike.  

Can you customise it?

Indeed you can. One of the best features of the Swytch eBike converter kit is the various customizable options and accessories. For example, the swap-in motor wheel is built to your specifications as custom. All you need to do is give them your preferred, or required, wheel size, and Swytch will take care of the rest. 

The kit's wheel normally comes in a standard silver finish, but you can request one in matt black instead. This includes the motor (of course, rims and spokes of the wheel.) 

There is a small fee for this particular service, but it's worth it. 

With regards to extras, the kit has some very interesting added extras. For example, you have the option to order a variety of handlebar throttles for the converter kit. 

This comes in two main options:- 

  • Twist control, and;
  • Thumb throttle. 

The former attaches directly to your handlebars and allows you to power the motor with a simple twist of your wrist. The latter, as the name suggests, uses a spring-loaded thumb lever to prefer the same action. This is the better option for handlebar setups with limited free space. 

Another accessory is Swytch's purpose-built brake sensor add-on. If you want to maximise the range of your motor battery, this kit constantly monitors your use of the bike's brakes. When it detects that the brakes have been applied, it automatically cuts off the power to the motor – even if you are peddling. This accessory is great for adventure cyclists, or if you find yourself in slow-moving traffic. 

The brake sensor is compatible with wired and hydraulic brakes too. 


For those who plan on using their new ebikes over longer distances than the standard setup, you can also grab yourself a spare power pack. Buy as many as you need (and can carry) to immediately give yourself an extra 50km on the fly.