NUI Galway spin-out company Aquila Bioscience has been successful in its bid to become an approved supplier of PPE to the education sector allowing up to 4,0000 educational institutions to avail of its decontamination product, it has been announced.

Its pioneering decontamination technology Anti Bioagent Decontamination (ABD), which was developed in collaboration with the Czech University of Defence and the Irish Defence Forces to deal with biological contamination, is essential PPE that protects against harmful bacteria and viruses such as coronavirus.  

Biocide decontamination

ABDs are class I sterile medical devices and are used in emergency situations. It is the only product available in the market that can be used on sensitive skin surfaces like the eyes, nose and mouth, and it can also be used on surfaces not suitable for biocide decontamination.

ABDs are ideally suited for keeping staff and students safe, particularly those with underlying health conditions or special needs.

Including ABD Devices into every first aid kit, Isolation room, classrooms, office, and community areas ensures all staff and students will benefit from the technology and it will help save lives while supporting the education sector in keeping institutions open.

Free from alcohol

Unlike standard wipes and sanitisers, ABDs are free from alcohol, biocides and other toxic chemicals and so do not cause skin irritation or destroy skin cells.

The wipe is made of biodegradable material and is environmentally friendly. ABDs are contained within individual pouches and so are easily distributed throughout schools.

Cormac Lynch, CEO of Aquila Bioscience, said: "Being approved by the Department of Education to supply our ABD Devices is welcomed, and is a significant decision that will enhance the safety and protection of all staff and pupils in Ireland as our schools reopen."

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