William Fyans, Engineering Manager with SiriusXT, has been awarded the prestigious Chartered Engineer of the Year Award by Engineers Ireland.

Supported by Arup, the Chartered Engineer of the Year Award is selected by Engineers Ireland from the large number of engineers who achieve their Chartered title in a given 12-month period.  Considered to be the gold standard of the profession, within the Republic of Ireland, Engineers Ireland is the sole authority to award the title, which is granted to professional engineers who, through a rigorous review process, have shown their ability to apply their professional competencies in the workplace.

William Fyans, Engineers Ireland’s Chartered Engineer of the Year, is pictured with John Power, President of Engineers Ireland (right), Joe Burns, Buildings Leader at Arup in Ireland and Shirley McDonald, Membership Director at Engineers Ireland (left)

A Graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin, William has built a notable career and reputation for pushing innovation through the development of novel technologies. Notable projects William has worked on include the structural design of principal elements of the lifting equipment aboard the world’s largest ship, the Pioneering Spirit. William also played a lead role in the mechanical design of tidal turbines with Openhydro and led the design of super-precision mechanisms for scientific instrumentation. 

William is currently the Engineering Manager with SiriusXT, leading the design and regulatory approval of the world’s first laboratory-based Soft X-Ray Microscope. This technology enables the generation of a through-thickness 3D image of a single cell and represents a significant development in disease and drug research.  He is also the Director of Fyans Engineering, which offers consultancy services. Recent projects include the development of a new system of multi-storey modular construction on behalf of Suretank, which has been implemented in the data industry.

William was presented the Chartered Engineer of the Year Award at a hybrid awards ceremony which was hosted by Engineers Ireland at their headquarters in Ballsbridge, Dublin on Thursday evening, 10 November.

Speaking at the event, John Power, President of Engineers Ireland, commented: “Achieving the Registered Professional Title of Chartered Engineer is an important goal in a professional engineer’s career. Beyond the specific statutory functions reserved for Chartered Engineers, achieving this title is a public statement of an engineer’s competence to practice as a professional. It is a seal of approval by an engineer’s peers that they have developed an ability beyond that achieved during their academic formation, to that of a professional practitioner. It is also a mark of an engineer’s commitment to the continuing development of their professional expertise and ethical practice.

“On behalf of Engineers Ireland, I would like to congratulate our 2022 Chartered Engineer of the Year William Fyans and each of this year’s exceptionally talented finalists.  I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Arup for their continued support for this award.”

Joe Burns, Buildings Leader at Arup in Ireland, added:Arup is proud to partner with Engineers Ireland to support the Chartered Engineer of the Year Award. This award recognises the high calibre and achievements of Ireland’s talented Chartered Engineers.

“On behalf of Arup, I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to William on being awarded the prestigious title of Chartered Engineer of the Year 2022 and applaud each Chartered Engineer shortlisted for this year’s award.”

Commenting on the achieving the 2022 Chartered Engineer of the Year title, William Fyans, said: “I would like to thank Engineers Ireland for this wonderful honour. I would also like to say a special word of thanks to all of those who were involved in adjudicating process, Arup for their support of this award and each of this year’s inspiring finalists. 

“I would also like to thank the very talented team at Sirius XT, and all of my colleagues and mentors who supported me on my career journey. I have been afforded a fantastic opportunity to work on some incredible projects throughout my career and I am ever grateful for all of those I have worked with and who have helped me to develop my skills. I would also like to thank my family, and in particular my wife Aoife, for supporting me in my career.”

For more information on attaining the title of Chartered Engineer and to commence your Chartered Journey, visit: https://www.engineersireland.ie/Professionals/Membership/Registered-professional-titles/Chartered-Engineer