Ponti Design Studio has revealed a concept design of an electric double-decker driverless tram to hit the roads of post-Covid Hong Kong. Dubbed Island, the giant vehicle features large circular benches inside where passengers sit facing outwards, while the exteriors reach back to Hong Kong buildings. 

The vehicle’s curved windows and see-through top let the sunshine in during the day, allowing passengers to enjoy the city view at night. According to the website, the interiors are sleek and comfortable, with charcoal gray walls, cushioned seats, wooden floors, and trims with a natural finish. Island won the 2020 GIDA Design Award. 

The concept aims to have people use public transportation more instead of their private cars and other means of transportation, which people have been avoiding since the pandemic first hit almost three years ago, according to dezeen.

'Social distancing hard to achieve'

"This is especially important in the densely populated city of Hong Kong, where social distancing is hard to achieve," said Italian-born designer Andrea Ponti.

Along with Island, Ponti has also designed tram stops where passengers can get off from both sides and provides better airflow. Each tram incorporates a retractable connection point that allows fast charging at stops. 

According to the concept, the payments for the trip are to be made contactless through Hong Kong's Octopus card system before getting on the vehicle.

"Island represents the forward-thinking spirit of Hong Kong and introduces a new concept of public transport that overcomes the practice of social distancing," said Ponti.