Firm selected by ESA to demonstrate cost-efficient, low-local infrastructure technologies in 18-month contract which will build on existing solutions to improve satellite location positioning capabilities indoors, eventually aiding first responders, improving the monitoring of at-risk patients, and enhancing the tracking of packages between warehouses. 

danalto Ltd, a Dublin-based IoT software company has recently won a prestigious contract with the European Space Agency (ESA). This partnership is in line with Ireland’s National Space Strategy for Enterprise which aims to grow the number of “space active” companies in Ireland, which currently sits at 85.

The contract won by danalto called for the demonstration of best in class, low-infrastructure, indoor location technologies that complement the Global Navigation Satellite System. 

Location positioning solution

danalto is a perfect fit for this contract, with extensive experience in the positioning intelligence industry, and was the first company to bring a location positioning solution to market using a new radio frequency technology. Over the course of the 18-month contract, danalto will research location technologies and build upon existing solutions to improve remote indoor visibility. Once validated, this work will be able to support a wide range of industries.

For example, in the logistics industry, packages could be tracked as they move between warehouses thus streamlining the production process; first responders operating in hazardous environments, such as a burning building, could be located remotely thus improving safety and optimising rescue missions; and in healthcare, at-risk patients could be better monitored across hospital or care home campuses, improving health and wellbeing.

Damien English TD, Minister of State for Business, Employment, and Retail said: “It was a pleasure to meet the team at danalto and to discuss the potential, for the company and its clients, of this important European Space Agency contract.  

"danalto is just one of a growing number of Irish businesses that is breaking new ground through its relationship with the European Space Agency. The National Space Strategy for Enterprise, alongside this government’s increased funding to the European Space Agency, will ensure that this relationship continues to benefit companies like danalto, to develop technologically sophisticated space-enabled businesses.” 

Tom Kelly, manager, innovation and competitiveness division, Enterprise Ireland, said: “Today’s announcement is very positive news for danalto. It is utilising the potential of the Internet of Things to bring innovative solutions to market that make a real difference. 

Vital function

"Monitoring the performance of assets and the status of their location is a vital function in both public and private entities and danalto is a leader in this sector. 

"The contract win with the European Space Agency will enable danalto to advance the performance of low cost, low infrastructure positioning technology in an indoor setting and Enterprise Ireland looks forward to supporting danalto on this exciting phase of development. 

David McDonald, danalto co-founder and CEO, said: “This is a great opportunity for danalto to work with the leaders in the global navigation systems and to bring danalto’s, and our commercial partners, technologies to bear on the everyday lives of people.

"ESA has set out a clear set of questions and demonstration challenges that danalto is well placed to address and which fully aligns with our business and technology strategies. Our Cardinal and FiLo services platform will be the central component of the demonstrator for achieving seamless multi-space positioning.”  

The trajectory of this project aligns with danalto’s progression plan for their next generation positioning solution which will be brought to market for commercial use in 2022.

Minister Damien English, TD, Mary Kathryn Midgett, danalto, Tom Kelly, Enterprise Ireland and David McDonald, danalto.