Companies from Kildare, Limerick, Roscommon and Carlow among those on exhibition at German Agritechnica event in Hanover, Germany.

Agritechnica is the world’s leading agricultural technology and engineering showcase, trade fair and forum for the future of plant production in the industry. Solutions and trends are the focus of Agritechnica 2019, which will finish in mid-November.

Delivering increased efficiency on the farm

Innovation leader and Carlow company KEENAN is showing its powerful and efficient systems for animal nutrition, delivering increased efficiency on the farm.

Acres Machinery is displaying its iTarra, a next generation smart tractor. This tractor design has attracted attention from the industry’s largest manufacturers, and is one of the highlights of the entire show in Germany.
One of America’s largest equipment hire specialists, is in discussions to secure an order.

SAMCO, which has just announced its success in breaking into the Polish market, will be presenting its latest seed drill. The product has been developed over several years in various soil types throughout Europe therefore ensuring high-quality construction.

Nutrient management and efficiency is a driving factor to increase yields on farms. With more than 50 years of experience in the agricultural technology sector, Agri-Spread International is showing its range topping section controlled fertiliser applicator. This machine is already being exported to the USA and Australia.

Agricultural axle design and manufacturing

Another example of the Irish agricultural engineering expertise joining Enterprise Ireland at Agritechnica this week is the Kildare based business, Granning Axles, specialising in agricultural axle design and manufacturing. The company is featuring its Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension.

Finally, Bridgeway is showcasing its Diamond Feeder, an efficient solution for feeding baled forage material.

Eddie Goodwin, manager Germany, Switzerland and Austria at Enterprise Ireland, said: "Irish companies are leading the way to more sustainable, efficient and cost friendly solutions for farmers worldwide.

"The innovative technologies that they are adopting in both their design and production continue to push new boundaries and preempt global trends in the industry.

Fully utilise the opportunities

“We are pleased to support these regional Irish companies to showcase and fully utilise the opportunities at Agritechnica 2019 to not only acquire new business interest from overseas but also to see firsthand what else is being developed within this sector.

“Already from my engagement with international stakeholders this week it is apparent that through their innovative products, machinery and systems, Irish agri-companies are enabling farmers to protect cultivation, increase their yields and address food production concerns for an expanding global population.

"It is an exciting and enriching exchange of experience at Agritechnica 2019 this week and we are delighted to see such quality Irish companies exhibiting."