Irish engineer William Deasy was beaten to death while working in Mozambique for the cash he was carrying to pay local workers, detectives in that country have stated. The 32-year-old quantity surveyor, from Dublin Pike, north of Cork city, joined Kentz Engineers & Constructors after qualifying in 2011 from Cork Institute of Technology. He was robbed and murdered last month after he left work at Kenmare Resources' Moma Mine in north-east Mozambique. His body was discovered two days later near to where he lived, while his car was found abandoned 200km away. Detectives investigating the murder believe that his killers had been keeping watch for him, knowing that he often carried the cash wages of other workers at Kentz. During a meeting with Minster of State for Trade and Development Joe Costello, police chiefs and government officials in Mozambique have promised to fully investigate the crime. “There is a family deeply bereaved; they had lost a loved one, a son, who was an extremely bright, capable young man and they lost a son at this distance,” said Costello. “If any closure was to take place, there has to be a full and thorough investigation. “Being here at this point and time, it was appropriate to raise it at the highest level and I will be speaking to the [victim’s] family when I return.” Costello was in Mozambique to see the work of some Irish Aid-funded projects. He held talks with senior police and the country’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Oldemiro Baloi at the request of the Deasy family. “I met various authorities to discuss the case and to get them to give commitments that there would be a full and thorough investigation and that no stone will be left unturned,” the Minister of State concluded. A preliminary file being prepared for the public prosecutor’s office will be seen shortly by the engineer’s family.