Engineers Ireland has announced the unveiling of a CPD Programme on the Environmental Essentials for Engineering Projects. Delivered fully online, this programme will provide all engineers managing projects with a comprehensive introduction to the environmental essentials covering water, air, noise, solid water and effluent/contamination.

This comprehensive programme comprises of five module components, each of which will focus on the specific principles and practices of each key environmental consideration in the context of respective policy and legislation. Case studies will be provided to demonstrate best-practice in environmental protection, including appropriate mitigation and adaptation measures.

Scheduled to commence on March 23, programme modules will be delivered across five weeks as follows:

  • Module 1: Water Pathways – Wednesday, March 23
  • Module 2: Air Quality – Wednesday, March 30
  • Module 3: Noise Pollution & Control – Wednesday, April 6
  • Module 4: Effluent Management & Contaminated Land – Wednesday, April 27
  • Module 5: Solid Waste Management – Wednesday, May 4

This programme is designed to provide a structured learning experience for delegates to develop a thorough understanding of the environmental essentials and when to take action in order to protect the environment and ensure successful delivery of projects. On completion of this programme, delegates will be able to: 

  1. Develop an appreciation of the fundamental principles of key environmental considerations.
  2. Evaluate the technical and non-technical factors influencing each environmental consideration through the lens of the ‘source-receptor-pathway-consequence’ model.
  3. Appraise a range of environmental engineering case studies.
  4. Define appropriate mitigation and adaptation measures for engineering projects.  

Dee Kehoe, CPD director, Engineers Ireland, said: “The Environmental Essentials for Engineering Projects CPD Programme is an absolute must for any engineer involved in the design, project management and/or delivery of engineering projects. It will help to enable you to achieve optimum outcomes for both your project and the environment”.

“We have an excellent mix of academic and professional trainers contributing to this programme.” said Dr John Gallagher, assistant professor in Trinity College Dublin and the programme coordinator. 

"They will share their knowledge and experiences during each thematic environmental module, with content covering first principles, best-practice methods and reviewing case studies. After this course, participants will have a stronger position to address the environmental challenges that arise in the life cycle of a project.”

For more information on the Environmental Essentials for Engineering Projects new CPD Programme, please visit our website here or contact our CPD Team on 01 665 1305 or email