A multisensor system to address challenges in soil monitoring and analysis has received award-winning recognition at the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Awards. 

Showcasing the future of Irish agritech, the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Awards recognises innovative agrifood and agri-engineering capabilities and new product development in the agriculture sector. 

L-R: Alan O'Riordan, Han Shao and Tarun Narayan

Winning the 'Research Emerging from a third Level Award', the Tyndall team led by Alan O’Riordan, Gerry Mouzakitis, Han Shao and Tarun Narayan, developed a continuous and real time sensor for nitrate detection in soil and water.

The sensors allow for real-time measurements of nitrates, helping farmers to optimise fertiliser application and define soil degradation at an early stage. It has now been buried in soil in Romania and France, providing real-time data for more than two months. 

Consequently, the invention is at the minimum viable product stage. The team’s intention is to continue with development and determine the feasibility of a start-up venture from Tyndall that incorporates this sensor and other technologies in the field of soil monitoring.

Alan O’Riordan, research fellow at Tyndall, was delighted to receive the award: “It’s wonderful to be recognised by Enterprise Ireland. We’re excited about the system that has been developed at Tyndall and it is a real boost for us to continue our work in this area.”