Wattics, a University College Dublin (UCD) spin-out firm that sells a unique software for energy management, and CertiNergy, a Paris based energy services company, have announced a partnership to fast-track energy efficiency projects throughout Europe. The partnership aligns Wattics’ big data and analytics capabilities with CertiNergy Group’s large portfolio of commercial and industrial clients empowering CertiNergy professionals to manage thousands of sites throughout Europe. Certinergy Group is a leader in providing Energy Efficiency Obligation (EEO) services in Europe, and currently manages more than 1,000 energy-efficient projects throughout Europe with more than 350 employees and an annual turnover of €110 million. The partnership aims to enable CertiNergy Group redefine the way energy performance contracting and energy efficient certificates are managed, and to accelerate the adoption of energy conservation measures across Europe. Through this partnership Wattics and CertiNergy will develop a new class of self-learning analytical energy management tools to empower CertiNergy staff manage its thousands of sites throughout Europe in real-time.

Unique cloud services

CertiNergy will also use Wattics’ unique cloud services to automate the measurement and verification practices of energy conservation projects through European-adopted standards. Wattics, a cloud-based energy analytics company, enables businesses and energy professionals to turn their complex energy data into clear, actionable insights to considerably reduce their energy and environmental costs. Wattics, a NovaUCD graduate company supported by Enterprise Ireland, is currently headquartered in Ranelagh, Dublin, and was founded in 2011 by Dr Antonio Ruzzelli, Dr Anthony Schoofs and Alex Sintoni as a spin-out from UCD’s School of Computer Science and Informatics. Dr Antonio Ruzzelli, CEO, Wattics said: “We are absolutely delighted to partner with CertiNergy Group. The EU 2020 energy-efficiency targets are at the heart of our partnership and we are dedicated to assisting CertiNergy to make an impact towards this. “Wattics has a history of innovation and we will keep on innovating so to provide differentiations and a competitive advantage for our partners. Our analytics bring energy data to life, creating insights and context for energy managers. Our technology has already helped global organisations to achieve better use, better production and better distribution of energy. “Our mission is to empower energy professionals and utilities to simplify and promote their crucial work, streamline how energy variables are accounted for and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.” Edouard Jounet, co-founder of CertiNergy Group, said: “The CertiNergy Group doesn’t plan on becoming a software development company. Our aim is to partner with select providers that offer the best software solutions on the market, and Wattics clearly meets this description. “We are convinced by Wattics’ innovative technology and the synergies between our respective offers are evident. This kind of collaboration makes sense in CertiNergy’s broader strategy to bring an improved and operational Energy Management service to our clients and partners.”