Hospitality world genius Liz Lambert, 3D construction startup Icon, and Danish design firm BIG, have joined forces to bring to Texas the world’s first 3D-printed hotel in 2023. More specifically it will be in Marfa, according to a blog on BIG’s website.

The Danish architect might seem familiar as he is already the brain behind renowned architectural wonders in the VM Houses and Mountain Dwellings, a couple of housing complexes based in Copenhagen. 

Meanwhile, Lambert is the founder of El Cosmico, a camping site located in Marfa that has become a must-visit for travellers worldwide. The new venture will see the 3D-printed hotel built on the same ground using innovative technology.

For the time being, El Cosmico is only 21 acres. But very soon the 3D-printed expansion will nearly triple that area, transforming it into a sprawling 62-acre desert oasis with all the necessary elements that truly make a summer vacation enjoyable and restful.

There will be a massive infinity pool kitted with cabanas and captivating guest dwellings. It will be Icon’s extremely efficient home-sized 3D printer that will be in charge of churning out these mesmerising locations.  

A powerful printer and sturdy material

Icon’s signature construction system is based around the Vulcan printer complemented by the Magma portable mixing unit. This last component produces the building material, lavacrete, a substance that has been developed by the tech company’s material science team and has undergone thorough testing to guarantee it is built to last

All this means that the new dwellings will be sturdy and reliable guaranteeing that nobody’s holiday will be ruined by poor housing or amenities. The project’s images housed on BIG’s website show a charming and approachable location that makes you feel instantly at home.

The date for the complex on BIG’s site states 2023 but there is no word on when El Cosmico will exactly be ready.