Benefits of Accreditation

Engineers Ireland undertakes accreditation visits to universities and institutes of technology at least every 5 years to ensure engineering and engineering technology programmes meet international standards.

Benefits of accreditation to Students and Graduates
  • When choosing a programme, Engineers Ireland accreditation assures you that your programme has been subjected to a rigorous process of evaluation.
  • Programme accreditation means that programmes accredited in Ireland, by Engineers Ireland are internationally recognised. This recognition will enable you to apply for working visas abroad through an easier method in comparison to those who have graduated from an unaccredited course.
  • If you’ve completed an accredited programme, you – and your prospective employers – can rely on an established measure of your value on the job market even before you’ve gained work experience.
  • Recent graduates from an accredited programme can apply for Engineers Ireland membership to further their job search capabilities, among other benefits.
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