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The Public Sector division is for engineers with an interest in the sciences, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, information and computer sciences, infrastructural planning and development, and local government bodies.

The division works closely with other groups such as The Institute of Concrete Technology, The Institution of Civil Engineers, Irish Planning Institute, and Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.


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Engineering features of the M7 Newbridge Bypass and M9 Kilcullen Link motorway

The M7 Newbridge Bypass scheme consisted of the construction of 12 kilometres of motorway between the M7 Naas Bypass and the dual carriageway across the Curragh Plains. The scheme provided congestion relief for Newbridge town, which was experiencing traffic flows of over 30,000 vehicles per day due to its location on the Dublin to Cork and Limerick routes. The scheme was also supported by the European Social Development Fund to enhance access to Ireland within Europe. The selection of a ...

Addressing Ireland's retrofit challenge: a novel approach to building surveying

Ireland’s housing stock is amongst the poorest performing in Northern Europe [1], therefore tackling energy efficiency measures in the domestic sector is of extreme priority. Each year, an estimated 30,000 to 60,000 excess deaths occur in the UK, while in Ireland 1,500 to 2,000 excess deaths occur due to winter mortality caused by cold strain [2]. With 44% of the Irish housing stock built prior to any energy specific Building Regulation [3], it is no surprise that problems associated with ...

Local authorities 2.0 – councils and the use of web and mobile apps

The current method of interaction between the public and local authorities is not a sustainable model. The methods of data collection and processing by local authorities are inefficient in this technological age. [caption id="attachment_33973" align="alignright" width="300"] CLICK TO ENLARGE Fig 1: Percentage breakdown of complaint formats[/caption] There is a large administration burden associated with the management of these complaints. In 2013, some local authorities introduced open ...

Developing climate change action plans for the Dublin local authorities

The four Dublin local authorities – Dublin City Council, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Fingal County Council and South Dublin County Council – have recently produced A Draft Strategy Towards Climate Change Action Plans, in association with Dublin’s energy agency, Codema. This is the first time that neighbouring local authorities in Ireland have come together to help address national and EU climate change targets.The Dublin region is central to Ireland’s development, and with an ...

The Arklow Water Supply Scheme – investing in the future

Eleven years after its initiation and following the investment of over €10.5 million, the Arklow Water Supply Scheme was finally completed in May of this year. This article examines the key issues faced at the outset of the Arklow Water Supply Scheme and gives an overview of the different aspects of work that were required to develop this new public water supply. In the period 1998-2005, the population of Arklow increased significantly due to the amount of housing development that took ...

Gripping stuff – benefits and specification of high-friction surfacing

High-friction surfacing (HFS), commonly termed ‘anti-skid’, refers to a surface treatment approximately 3-5mm thick that provides enhanced surface skid-resistance for drivers to brake under emergency conditions at hazardous locations. HFS is defined by industry as having a minimum skid-resistance value (SRV) of 65, measured using the portable skid-resistance pendulum tester (as defined in TRL Report 176, Appendix E). Typical locations for HFS installation include approaches to ...

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