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The Mechanical and Manufacturing division is a group for members working in mechanical engineering and manufacturing in a broad range of industries, providing CPD and networking events for engineers.


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Birds flying through laser light reveal faults in flight research, study shows

The protective goggles are tight, the chin strap secure. Conditions are calm and the lasers are ready; the air is infused with tiny aerosol particles that are primed to scatter and track at the slightest disruption. Wait for the signal. The researcher points. The bird flies! It's just another day at the office for a parrotlet named Obi. As a graduate student working with Stanford mechanical engineer David Lentink, Eric Gutierrez trained this member of the second smallest parrot species ...

Cream of the crop: why Dairymaster leads the field in agri-engineering

Unusually for a manufacturing facility, dairy-equipment manufacturer Dairymaster produces almost 95% of all parts in-house. Founded in 1968, the company now employs 300 people in its global headquarters in Causeway, Co Kerry – with 20 involved in research and development – and 35 staff in its UK and US operating offices. Some 75% of production is exported to 40 wholesale and retail customers overseas. However, when I spoke with Edmond Harty, CEO and technical director of Dairymaster and ...

Solving society's problems - bringing engineering experience to the Dáil

Broadcasters like Claire Byrne and Jeremy Paxman may tell you that politicians are difficult to interview, but not Stephen Donnelly, independent TD for the Wicklow constituency and former member of the Social Democrat party. That said, he did give a one-word answer to my first question. ‘How do you go from engineering to the Houses of the Oireachtas?’ I asked. ‘Circuitously,’ he answered. He elaborated, then, on the route he took after graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from ...

When pure air is critical - a case for oil-free compressed air contingency solutions

The demand for oil-free air compressors has increased in Ireland as investment in the agri-food and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors continues. With that, the demand for rental equipment has increased, particularly among companies that are reliant on the continuity of supply of compressed air.  Having launched Ireland’s only diesel powered oil-free air compressor fleet available for hire, Austin O’Neill, of O’Neill Industrial, explains why appropriate rental solutions are so critical to ...

Mechanical engineers develop drive-by monitoring system for urban streetlights

Is there a streetlight burned out on your street? Unless you or your neighbours make the right people aware of it, there's a good chance nobody knows about it. Most cities and towns don't have any comprehensive listing or map of where their lights are located, what kind they are, what their expected operational lifetimes are, how high they are, or when they were last replaced. The prevailing system for answering those questions is to send inspectors out, clipboard in hand, to examine the ...

Mobility-based Hackathon uses innovation and technology to create global mobility movement

The #HackAcessDublin mobility hackathon takes place from the 25-27 November in Google Dublin. This weekend-long hackathon aims to not only to use the electricity of Dublin’s startup community to solve the city’s accessibility challenges, but to inspire and empower people with mobility problems to view the various accessibility challenges they face as entrepreneurial opportunities. The events is sponsored by Spacefox, Smart DUBLIN, Dogpatch Labs and Nissan, and supported by members of ...

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