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The Mechanical and Manufacturing division is a group for members working in mechanical engineering and manufacturing in a broad range of industries, providing CPD and networking events for engineers.


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When pure air is critical - a case for oil-free compressed air contingency solutions

The demand for oil-free air compressors has increased in Ireland as investment in the agri-food and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors continues. With that, the demand for rental equipment has increased, particularly among companies that are reliant on the continuity of supply of compressed air.  Having launched Ireland’s only diesel powered oil-free air compressor fleet available for hire, Austin O’Neill, of O’Neill Industrial, explains why appropriate rental solutions are so critical to ...

Mechanical engineers develop drive-by monitoring system for urban streetlights

Is there a streetlight burned out on your street? Unless you or your neighbours make the right people aware of it, there's a good chance nobody knows about it. Most cities and towns don't have any comprehensive listing or map of where their lights are located, what kind they are, what their expected operational lifetimes are, how high they are, or when they were last replaced. The prevailing system for answering those questions is to send inspectors out, clipboard in hand, to examine the ...

Mobility-based Hackathon uses innovation and technology to create global mobility movement

The #HackAcessDublin mobility hackathon takes place from the 25-27 November in Google Dublin. This weekend-long hackathon aims to not only to use the electricity of Dublin’s startup community to solve the city’s accessibility challenges, but to inspire and empower people with mobility problems to view the various accessibility challenges they face as entrepreneurial opportunities. The events is sponsored by Spacefox, Smart DUBLIN, Dogpatch Labs and Nissan, and supported by members of ...

Engineers using 3D-printed structures that 'remember' their shapes

Engineers from MIT and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) are using light to print three-dimensional structures that “remember” their original shapes. Even after being stretched, twisted, and bent at extreme angles, the structures, from small coils and multi material flowers, to an inch-tall replica of the Eiffel tower, sprang back to their original forms within seconds of being heated to a certain temperature sweet spot. For some structures, the researchers were able to ...

First wave-propelled robot swims, crawls and climbs using a single, small motor

The first single actuator wave-like robot (SAW) has been developed by engineers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU). The 3D-printed robot can move forward or backward in a wave-like motion, moving much like a worm would in a perpendicular wave. SAW can climb over obstacles or crawl through unstable terrain like sand, grass and gravel, reaching a top speed of 57 centimetres per second, five times faster than similar robots. Its minimalistic mechanical design produces an advancing ...

The mechanics of stabbing: assessing stab-penetration forces

During a recent high-profile criminal trial, headlines appeared in the national newspapers stating that the victim had ‘walked into the knife’. While this scenario was surprising for some, for those working in forensic medicine, this situation poses a well-known difficult challenge. [caption id="attachment_30872" align="alignright" width="300"] Figure 1a: Experimental stab-penetration test rig[/caption] When a stabbing is fatal, the amount of force required to inflict a stab wound is ...

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