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The Mechanical and Manufacturing division is a group for members working in mechanical engineering and manufacturing in a broad range of industries, providing CPD and networking events for engineers.


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‘We are on cusp of an exciting new age of innovation’

  Can machines think? Well, what does it mean 'to think'? Thinking about thought is a journey into philosophy. Instead Alan Turing asked a different question in 1950: can machines do what humans (who are thinking entities) do ? Earlier this month, a computer – Google’s DeepMind – beat Lee Sedol, the world champion Go player, four times in five matches. Go is disarmingly trivial to play: you alternately place pieces on a board with a 19x19 grid of lines to try and surround your ...

Machinery safety and EU Directives – buyer beware

  Author: Derek Coulson, independent machinery safety consultant, Safe Machine Ltd and host of the majority of the Processing & Packaging Machinery Association machinery safety seminars CE marking of machinery has been with us for 20 years now, with the original Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC being a legal requirement since 1 January 1993, with a two-year transition period to allow all manufacturers to be able to comply. This directive was amended a number of times. These amendments ...

The Ecodesign Directive and the automation obituaries

  Author: Jonathan Wilkins, marketing manager, European Automation What will humans soon have in common with horses? The answer is obsoletion in the workplace, if a video on YouTube by CGP Grey is anything to believe. The 15-minute video, entitled Humans need not apply, has received 3.5 million views since August 2014 and puts forward the case that advances in manufacturing and technology are inevitably going to make people in all runs of working life – unskilled, skilled, professional ...

Benefits of installing the correct compressed airline system

  Author: Brian Murphy, managing director, Compressed Air Centre Ltd Engineers not familiar with Teseo need to see the possibilities and flexibility that makes this product pure genius. It is fascinating to see some of the wonderful uses engineers put this product to. Teseo Aluminium pipework was invented by an Italian engineer called Paolo Guzzoni, who eventually went on to open Teseo Ltd in Desenzano, Lake Garda. Teseo is used for carrying and supplying compressed air, nitrogen and ...

Do alternative service providers offer value for compressed air users?

  Author: Sean Fairest, country manager, Compressor Technique (Ireland) At a time of increased focus on energy prices and the need to meet environmental legislation, the desire of compressed air users to reduce their overall running costs has never been greater. As a result, there is a risk that some companies are beginning to overlook the benefits of using genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-supplied parts and maintenance services. First of all, we have to try to understand why ...

Partly completed equipment - when machines aren't quite machines

  Derek Coulson, technical advisor, Safe Machine Ltd  CE (Conformité Européenne) marking of machinery has been with us since 1993, so it is of some concern that many machinery users and manufacturers still do not do it properly. The original Machinery Directive was significantly modified at the end of 2009. Machinery supplied since then should comply with the current Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, which defines machinery as “an assembly, fitted with or intended to be fitted with a drive ...

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