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The Mechanical and Manufacturing division is a group for members working in mechanical engineering and manufacturing in a broad range of industries, providing CPD and networking events for engineers.


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Can a cockroach teach a robot how to scurry across rugged terrain?

When they turn up in the family home or restaurant kitchens, cockroaches are commonly despised as ugly, unhealthy pests and are quickly killed. But in the name of science, Johns Hopkins researchers have put these unwanted insects to work. In a crowded, windowless lab, scholars and students are coaxing the bugs to share some crucial locomotion tips that could help future robotic vehicles traverse treacherous terrain. Picture the aftermath of an earthquake or the cluttered, unexplored ...

Engineers make microfluidics modular using LEGO bricks

MIT engineers have just introduced an element of fun into microfluidics. The field of microfluidics involves minute devices that precisely manipulate fluids at submillimeter scales. Such devices typically take the form of flat, two-dimensional chips, etched with tiny channels and ports that are arranged to perform various operations, such as mixing, sorting, pumping, and storing fluids as they flow. Now the MIT team, looking beyond such lab-on-a-chip designs, have found an alternative ...

Mobile solutions in manufacturing – supporting ergonomic machine operation

Gone are the days where an engineer would monitor one machine – or even a small number of machines. Today, maintenance and service technicians are constantly on the move, monitoring multiple machines and, potentially, multiple facilities. Traditionally, it would have been impossible to monitor the performance of equipment without positioning a technician beside every machine in a plant. However, modern automation software makes it possible to visualise machine performance and gain an ...

Mechanobiology and the future of medical-device design

During the design and validation phase, medical devices undergo rigorous and extensive testing to establish both the biocompatibility and mechanical stability of the device before obtaining regulatory approval and being implanted into patients as treatments for disease and injury. However, the human body is highly adaptive and cells and tissues can change their composition, structure and function in response to biophysical stimuli – in particular, those imposed by these medical devices ...

The role of mechanical engineering in modern biology and medicine

Various disciplines of engineering have contributed immensely in the progress of biology and medical science. The article examines how mechanical engineers who specialise in man-made machines can develop an understanding of the natural machines of life sciences and see that the domains of engineering, modern biology and medicine can potentially unlock the secrets of the natural world. By the nature of the discipline, mechanical engineering plays a forefront role in the design and ...

Bearing the harsh environment – lubrication selection for low-temperature operations

With its freezing climate, the Arctic is one of the most extreme and barren environments on earth. Despite this, four million humans have learned to live there and these inhabitants expect crucial machinery to operate effectively – even in the depths of winter. Bearings are found in most engineered systems exploring space, from satellites to the Mars Space Rover. Bearing lubrication choice will affect the rolling resistance, speed, noise and, most critically, the lifespan of a ...

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