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The Mechanical and Manufacturing division is a group for members working in mechanical engineering and manufacturing in a broad range of industries, providing CPD and networking events for engineers.


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Mechanobiology and the future of medical-device design

During the design and validation phase, medical devices undergo rigorous and extensive testing to establish both the biocompatibility and mechanical stability of the device before obtaining regulatory approval and being implanted into patients as treatments for disease and injury. However, the human body is highly adaptive and cells and tissues can change their composition, structure and function in response to biophysical stimuli – in particular, those imposed by these medical devices ...

The role of mechanical engineering in modern biology and medicine

Various disciplines of engineering have contributed immensely in the progress of biology and medical science. The article examines how mechanical engineers who specialise in man-made machines can develop an understanding of the natural machines of life sciences and see that the domains of engineering, modern biology and medicine can potentially unlock the secrets of the natural world. By the nature of the discipline, mechanical engineering plays a forefront role in the design and ...

Bearing the harsh environment – lubrication selection for low-temperature operations

With its freezing climate, the Arctic is one of the most extreme and barren environments on earth. Despite this, four million humans have learned to live there and these inhabitants expect crucial machinery to operate effectively – even in the depths of winter. Bearings are found in most engineered systems exploring space, from satellites to the Mars Space Rover. Bearing lubrication choice will affect the rolling resistance, speed, noise and, most critically, the lifespan of a ...

Trinity bridges humanitarianism and medical-device design with 3D printing

Three-dimensional printing (3DP) and additive manufacturing (AM) have evolved rapidly, enabling engineers, researchers, clinicians and medical-device specialists to develop new innovations and approaches to biomedical engineering. To keep pace with the extraordinary developments in the global phenomenon that is 3D printing, and to ensure that our biomedical-engineering students were being trained for the future, Prof Conor Buckley, assistant professor in biomedical engineering in Trinity ...

Three ways to increase profit margins using automated engineering

Most manufacturers see investments in factory connectivity not just as a means of cutting costs, but also as a way to increase revenue. In fact, respondents to the Annual Manufacturing Report 2017 anticipate additional revenues of £775,000 (€873,000) in the next 12 months because of their investments in connectivity. Automated engineering is not about engineering humans out of the production process. Regardless of how a control system is used, whether it is by manual code writing or by ...

University of Limerick engineers are at the heart of a shipbuilding revolution

Engineers from the University of Limerick (UL) are set to play an important role in a new European research project that seeks to revolutionise the shipbuilding sector, by replacing steel with composite materials for the construction of more efficient large-length ships. FIBRESHIP is an ambitious project that will allow for the construction of light commercial vessels, passenger and leisure transport and oceanographic vessels more than 50 metres in length using fibre-reinforced polymer ...

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