Would you like to be a member of our Council, which is the governing body of Engineers Ireland?

Pursuant to our Bye-laws, there are four vacancies available for corporate members to serve on the Council of Engineers Ireland for the 2020-2023 session, of whom:

(a) 2 hold the title of Chartered Engineer

(b) 2 hold the title of either Associate Engineer or Engineering Technician

This is your opportunity to support the work of your membership body and your consideration of this opportunity is very much appreciated. 

Election to our Council is for a maximum three-year period and elected members may not serve more than six consecutive years on Council. Council meet up to five times a year.

The governance of Engineers Ireland is vested in our Council, subject to the provisions of our Charter, of our Bye-laws and to the resolutions of Special General Meetings.

The key roles of our Council include:

1. Election of the Executive Board

2. Deliberating on strategic planning and policy issues, in order to inform and advise the Executive Board

3. Final approval of any proposals prepared by the Executive Board in relation to:

  • Changes to the Code of Ethics and disciplinary procedures 
  • Changes to membership regulations and changes to membership subscriptions
  • Changes to Bye-laws and changes to our Charter and legislation
  • New Regional branches, Engineering divisions and Societies or modifications to existing Regional branches, Engineering divisions and Societies
  • Any amendment to the Guidelines for our Regional branches, Engineering divisions and Societies

4. Annual budget and annual accounts

5. Nomination of candidates for Vice-President and election of Honorary Fellows

6. Preparation of an Annual Report for the AGM and for members, incorporating an Annual Report of the Executive Board

7. Conduct of elections to Council

If you are interested in contesting a vacancy, please download and complete both the Council nomination form and the accompanying biography form. If you have any questions, please contact Aoife Ní Mhaoláin at animhaolain@engineersireland.ie

Please note: your completed nomination form and accompanying biography form must be returned to Aoife Ní Mhaoláin (animhaolain@engineersireland.ie) by 5pm on Friday, 1 May 2020.

New members of our Council will be announced at our 2020 Annual General Meeting.