Engineers Ireland's Registered Professional Titles – Chartered Engineer, Associate Engineer, Engineering Technician and Fellow – provide peer reviewed and international, formal recognition of our members’ professional competence, skills, experience and training.

The achievement of a Registered Professional Title signifies attainment of a standard of qualification, skills, experience and training. It can also advance and improve the career prospects of engineers and technicians.

Engineers Ireland is committed to the quality assurance (QA) of all routes to registered titles to ensure that the process is robust, fit-for-purpose, fair and free from bias.

Our members are rightly proud to use their professional titles such as Chartered Engineer, Engineering Technician, Associate Engineer and Fellow, to demonstrate their professional value.

We have created a suite of assets  to be used across your public and professional network, such as your email signature and LinkedIn profile. You can download these files either A) individually, or B) a ZIP file.

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Reasons to showcase your title badge

Seal of Approval

By receiving a title, you will hold a seal of approval from your peers for your knowledge and competence.

“Engineers Ireland provided me with guidance to step up and embrace new goals. I submitted my Chartered application in 2018 and was nominated for Chartered Engineer of the Year in 2019 demonstrating the highest level of achievement of competencies. This recognition of professionalism helped me to progress in my career”.

Lisa McFadden, CEng MIEI


Global recognition

Your title is internationally recognised, allowing you the mobility to make your mark on the engineering profession across the world.

“I wanted my title to be recognised in Ireland because I work in an international company with branches in Europe, Asia and America. Europe is one of the markets that is quickly growing and therefore my objective is to have the possibility to be responsible for the structural designs and that is through this recognition”.

Ulises Cancino MSc, PE, P.Eng, C.Eng, Chief Engineer Structural, Canada

Show your commitment

Earning a professional title shows your commitment to developing your engineering career.

“Becoming a Chartered Engineer gave me the confidence to promote innovative energy-efficient treatment technologies which ensure water quality and provide effective sanitation for public health provision with minimum impact on our environment”.

Alan Vale, CEng MIEI

Respect and recognition

Improve your career prospects, increase your earning potential and earn respect and recognition for your hard work.

“I have received many qualifications over the years; however, nothing remotely compares to being recognised as a Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland”.

Eamonn Coyle, CEng MIEI

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