Denis Dineen, Alan Heneghan and Wayne Donnellan have been named as winners of Engineers Ireland’s Best Presentation Award, co-sponsored by Beale & Co and Griffiths & Armour, for their presentation on Energy Use and Efficiency in Irish Industry.

Hosted by the West Region as part of the Sustainability Grand Tour, the presentation focused on the use of energy in Irish industry with Denis Dineen from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland discussing energy usage statistics in Ireland, followed by Alan Heneghan and Wayne Donnellan from Thermo King, delivering insight on the ADVANCER project.

Co-sponsored by Beale & Co and Griffiths & Armour, the Best Presentation Award recognises members of Engineers Ireland who have contributed to the engineering profession by delivering outstanding technical presentations to member-engineers during the 2020 - 2021 lecture season.

Commenting on the Best Presentation Award, Caroline Spillane, Director General of Engineers Ireland, said: "I would like to extend my congratulations to Denis Dineen, Alan Heneghan and Wayne Donnellan on achieving the accolade of delivering the best presentation of the year to our dynamic engineering community.

“Thanks to the generous support of Beale & Co and Griffiths & Armour we are pleased to recognise and showcase the valuable continuing professional development opportunities our member engineers provide to our engineering community through the Best Presentation Award. I would also like to extend my thanks to each member who contributed to the rich and diverse catalogue of presentations delivered during our 2020/2021 lecture season,” Ms Spillane added.

Graeme Tinney, CEO of Griffiths & Armour Europe DAC, said: “On behalf of Griffiths & Armour, I would like to extend our congratulations to Denis Dineen, Alan Heneghan and Wayne Donnellan, who are worthy winners of the Best Presentation Award title following their presentation on the Energy Use and Efficiency in Irish Industry. The Best Presentation Award recognises excellence and the valuable contribution of individuals who promote and raise standards across the profession. As advocates for continuous improvement and professional development, we are proud to celebrate the winners of this award and each presenter shortlisted for this accolade.

Tara Cosgrove, Partner at Beale & Co, added: “At Beale & Co, we are passionate about continuing professional development, and we are pleased to offer our continued support to an award category which recognises Engineers Ireland’s dedicated engineering community. On behalf of Beale & Co, I would like to congratulate Denis Dineen, Alan Heneghan and Wayne Donnellan and each of the presenters who were shortlisted for this prestigious award.”

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