Martin McVicar, Co-Founder and CEO of Combilift, and Fionnghuala O’Reilly, Engineers Ireland STEPS Ambassador and NASA Datanaut, have been awarded the title of Honorary Fellow by Engineers Ireland at the professional membership body’s 2021 Conferring Ceremony.

Honorary Fellowship is the highest honour, other than the Presidency, that Engineers Ireland can bestow. It is conferred on those distinguished by the importance of their work in engineering, science or other vocations.

Commenting on the honour, Martin McVicar, Co-Founder and CEO of Combilift, said: “I am incredibly proud to receive the title of Honorary Fellow of Engineers Ireland.  Having left formal education at the age of seventeen, and to be recognised by Engineers Ireland with this accolade means a lot to me and my family. My career and achievements in the engineering sector have provided me with unparalleled opportunity to innovate and create solutions for organisations across the world. As I look towards the future, I look forward to providing Ireland’s future engineering talent with the opportunity to upskill and progress their careers through the OEM Apprenticeship and at Combilift Headquarters in Monaghan.”

Fionnghuala O’Reilly, STEPS Ambassador, NASA Datanaut and Miss Universe Ireland 2019, commented: “I am deeply honoured to become an Honorary Fellow of Engineers Ireland. Throughout my career I have aspired to advance my technical skillset, create opportunities for others to reach their potential, and work on innovative projects for a brighter, more sustainable future. From contributing to innovation in the space industry as a NASA Datanaut and systems engineer, to using my platform as Miss Universe Ireland 2019, I am proud be an advocate for women and diversity in STEM.

“As Founder of Space to Reach, a tech start-up connecting the next generation of engineering, technologists and innovators to the tech and space industry, and correspondent on Emmy-nominated television series Mission Unstoppable, I look forward to providing even more opportunities for young people to reach their dreams and their potential,” Ms O’Reilly added.

The Conferring Ceremony, organised by the professional body for engineers in Ireland, was officiated by the institution’s immediate Past President, Maurice Buckley and Director General, Caroline Spillane.  Mr Buckley also had the privilege of issuing a Presidential Invitation to become a Fellow of Engineers Ireland to Tom Parsons, CEO of the Gaelic Players Association and BeyondZero Culture Manager at Jacobs.

Commenting on the accolade, Mr Parsons said: “From modern homes and complex infrastructure to connecting people through cities and creating sustainable solutions for society, engineers challenge our world today to reinvent the world we will live in tomorrow. My career in engineering has provided me with unlimited opportunities and has thought me the importance of being able to adapt, change and problem solve in the face of complex challenges, and I look forward to using this skillset in my new role as CEO of the Gaelic Players Association.

“I would like to thank Maurice Buckley for my Presidential Invitation to Fellowship of Engineers Ireland in recognition of my career journey to date and congratulate all of those who received their Registered Professional Titles today,” Mr Parsons concluded.

450 members of the institution were conferred with the Registered Professional Titles of Engineering Technician, Associate Engineer, Chartered Engineer and Fellow at the online virtual ceremony.

The Registered Professional Title of Chartered Engineer was the predominant title awarded, with 391 members receiving this honour, which provides peer-reviewed and internationally recognised formal recognition of a member’s professional competence and is an accolade associated with the very best of the engineering profession. Additionally, 40 members of the institution received the Title of Fellow, the highest level of membership awarded by Engineers Ireland. This title is reserved for engineers who have demonstrated a significant level of experience and professionalism.  17 members of the institution were also conferred with Engineering Technician and Associate Engineer titles.

Offering his congratulations to all those conferred, Maurice Buckley, Immediate Past President of Engineers Ireland, said: “I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to each of our conferees who achieved Registered Professional Titles this evening.

“Attaining a professional qualification and an Engineers Ireland Registered Professional Title is a very important stage in an engineer’s professional development, but it is not the end of the process of lifelong learning. As a community of creative professionals who deliver sustainable solutions for society, I hope that you will continue to develop and excel in your working lives, and that you will inspire those around you to strive forward and to also consider achieving a Registered Professional Title.”

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