21 October 2021: The Government has outlined its plans to progressively re-open society this autumn and winter including changes from 22 October 2021.  A gradual return to work across Ireland commenced on 20 September. Since Tuesday 28 September our offices at 22 Clyde Road have been open and have been prepared for the safe return by staff and members. Our offices are open therefore every Tuesday and Wednesday for the remainder of 2021. If you wish to meet with a staff member on the premises, we would appreciate if you could contact them ahead so they can arrange a face-to-face meeting. Our contact details are available here on our website. Thank you very much for your cooperation.  We look forward very much to facilitating our Sector groups’ use of Clyde Road.  A number of meetings have happened in a hybrid way in recent weeks at our office – the President’s Address, Executive Board meeting and elements of our National Conference.  Our Sectors continue to host virtual, in person and hybrid events. 

General business will continue to operate online and we are fully accessible to you our members. Note that for now, our café at 22 Clyde Road is closed.