The next deadline to apply for a Registered Professional Title is Friday, 30 June 2023.

For those members who are actively working on their application for the upcoming June deadline, Engineers Ireland will once again host Professional Titles Advice Clinics. These are drop in Q&A sessions, targeted at all members who are actively preparing their Professional Titles application for the upcoming 30 June deadline, and who may have any outstanding questions related to their Professional Title application.

Whether you are aiming for the title of Engineering Technician to accelerate your career progression; or the title of Associate Engineer to give you greater confidence in your abilities; or the Chartered Engineer Title which represents peer validation of the work that you have completed in your career to date, then the Membership Team at Engineers Ireland are here to help.

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6 June at 10:00am:

7 June at 11:00am:

8 June at 10:00am:

12 June at 3:00pm:

13 June at 10:00am:

14 June at 10:00am:

15 June at 3:00pm:

19 June at 10:00am:

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21 June at 3:00pm:

22 June at 3:00pm:

26 June at 10:00am

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28 June at 10:00am:

29 June at 10:00am: