On Saturday 9 May the Irish Government published a 24 page Return to Work Safely Protocol accessible here. We advise ROI members that this protocol is mandatory and applies to workplaces across the economy.  The protocol should be used by all workplaces to adapt their workplace procedures and practices to comply fully with the Covid-19 related public health protection measures, identified as necessary by the HSE.

The protocol covers all kinds of areas including communicating your workplace changes, amending your procedures for prompt identification and isolation of workers who may have Covid-19 symptoms, to physical distancing and hand hygiene.  The Northern Ireland Executive has also published information for employers and their employees about workplace safety at this time which is available here.

Additionally, please see the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) website for a general guide here. This HSA link provides advice for employers and employees across a range of professions.

For our members specifically working in the built environment and construction sector, please see a link to our website here to safe working methods, safety practices and guidelines which have been designed by members of the Construction Industry Council of which Engineers Ireland is a member.  These guidelines will be useful for some members ahead of any planned reopening of sites.

The most recent statement is also here from the Construction Industry Council from 29 April 2020.  The statement acknowledges the efforts of members to provide best services to clients and for members’ commitment during these difficult times.

In preparation for the re-commencement of construction activity on public works projects, subject to the Irish Government’s confirmation of the measures outlined in the Roadmap for the Reopening of Society and Business, the OGP – Office of Government procurement - on the 14 May, published a short note and template pre-start checklist for use by Employer’s Representatives (ER) operating under the standard conditions of various forms of public works contract.  The Note and template Pre-Start Checklist are available to download here.

The Irish Government’s five-point Road Map for Reopening Society and Business, from Monday 18 May can be accessed here.   The Northern Ireland Executive’s Coronavirus Executive Approach to Decision-Making document which includes a pathway to recovery, is available here.

If your business has been impacted by this Covid-19 crisis, our information base, also provides links to the financial supports from Government or go directly to here (ROI Members) and our Northern Region Members should go here

For guidance and support, members in our GB region should access this link. The UK Government’s Covid-19 Recovery Strategy can be read here.