Problem Solving & Decision-Making Skills


1-day course

CPD Credit: 6 hours, C2

Course Overview

This one-day CPD workshop aims to equip engineering professionals with the practical knowledge and skills to tackle work-based problems using a standard model. This course covers practical decision making and achievable solutions to typical issues and that arise in a work environment.

This workshop presents participants with a practical 7-step problem solving technique, as well as decision making models to assist in efficiently solving work-based problems. It is highly participative, with relevant activities throughout the day.

Learning objectives
By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Know a model for solving problems in a work situation
  • Know how to re-frame problem statements
  • Practice brainstorming and other techniques for a work-based problem situation
  • Know the key issues involved in decision-making
  • Have practiced the skills outlined for a practical work-based problem


  • Introductions, needs and expectations
  • Course objectives
  • 7-step Problem Solving
  • Defining the problem
  • Determining causes and alternatives

Trainer's Profile
Dave Conway has over 25 years’ experience as a trainer and manager in the education, semi-conductor and financial services sectors. He is an executive and business coach, as well as a consultant providing a range of training and facilitation services across the business spectrum.

Dave has worked as a training professional and people manager and has delivered a range of training programmes from governance and compliance to residential management skills courses. 

Dave’s delivery style is highly interactive and his experience in facilitating adult learning over many years has proven itself time and time again. From team building through to people management, each course is filled with fun and challenging learning, and elicits the unique experience of the participants.

Dave has a graduate diploma in training and development (awarded by the University of Leicester), a diploma in executive and personal coaching (awarded by ECSL), on top of his original qualification in electronics (awarded by Dublin Institute of Technology). All of the above have been awarded with distinction. 


  • Calem Roelofs, Ripplecom LTD: “Dave was an excellent instructor, clearly communicated all concepts without rushing through it. 10/10”
  • Niall Sweeney, ESB EMP: “The course content was very useful. Very good course. Would highly recommend.”
  • Patrick McDonagh, Intel: “Even as a seasoned problem solver, I did pick up a few tips! Worthwhile”
  • “Very happy with how the course was run. It was very easy to follow, was delivered very well and made me feel very relaxed. I took away a lot of very useful information”

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