Microsoft Training Courses

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(1 Day)
Introduction to Microsoft Excel for Engineers
John McGrath's aim is to teach you more about Excel in a day than you might learn in years with software documentation or any self-help tutorial. This basic Microsoft Excel course is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to produce spreadsheets, work with data, and perform basic calculations.
(1 Day)
Microsoft Excel for Engineers – Intermediate Level
This intermediate level course will include features to perform calculations using a variety of common worksheet functions, filter, sort and summarise database lists, format and modify charts, and conditionally format cells.
(1 Day)
Advanced Microsoft Excel for Engineers
This course examines several advanced features of Excel for What-if analysis, database analysis, and how to build calculations using advanced functions as well as how to automate processes.
(1 Day)
Microsoft Project for Engineers
This course aims to enable participants to manage and track projects successfully and provide essential project management information including resource management, tracking critical path, and reporting.