Non-Technical Transversal Skills Training Courses

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(1 Day)
Quiet Confidence and Influence for Introverts
The aim of this course is to share current research on introversion, identify the challenges and misperceptions of introversion can create at work and share strategies to feel more confident and influential in the workplace.
(1 Day)
Finance for Engineers
The aim of this course is to give engineers a solid grounding in finance thus enabling them to make a more effective contribution within their business.
(1 Day)
Advanced Finance for Engineers
The aim of the course is to equip engineers with the analytical tools to assess the financial viability of projects or business plans. These tools can also be used in the context of the individuals’ long term personal financial planning.
(1 Day)
Dealing with Challenging Clients & Conflict
This one-day programme will assist delegates in delivering a quality service to their clients. In particular it will enhance their understanding and ability to deal with those clients who they find most challenging.
(1 Day)
Negotiation & Influencing Skills
This one-day programme will help you understand the principles & best practices of the negotiation process, how to use a structured approach, and effectively communicate your position.
(1 Day)
Technical Presentation Skills
The aim of this course is to explain how technical presentations work and help you to select and structure material that you can deliver in a sophisticated way.
(1 Day)
Communication Skills Workshop
This course aims to improve the communication skills of participants by understanding the components of communications, the barriers to effective communication and developing plans to improve the output of communication in various work-related scenarios.
(2 Days)
Technical Report Writing
This course aims to develop and refine participants’ report writing skills and enable them to communicate more effectively with their readers.
(1 Day)
Reviewing Technical Reports for Engineers
This course aims to develop participants’ document review skills and enable them to step through the approval process with greater confidence.
(1 Day)
Time Management & Prioritisation Skills
This course aims to refine delegates’ time and organisational management skills by focusing on the practical aspects of personal productivity and effectiveness in order to deal successfully with increasing workloads.
(1 Day)
Effective Business Writing Skills
This course aims to develop course participants’ business writing skills and enable them to communicate more effectively with their target readers.
(1 Day)
Management Skills for Effective Meetings
The outcomes of meetings have a huge impact on company strategy, policy, and organisation. In order to ensure meetings deliver optimal outcomes, the right investment needs to go into them. As with all aspects of business, meetings need to be chaired in an efficient and professional manner.
(1 Day)
The Resilient Mind at Work
What makes some people focus and perform better under pressure while others struggle? Resilience is a measure of your subconscious flexibility and also what practical and psychological coping mechanisms you have access to. This unique, practical training experience will help you perform to your full ability each day equipped with the tools and techniques to reduce stress.
(2 Half-Days)
Women in Engineering - Strategies for Advancing Your Career - Workshop
This CPD workshop will look to identify strategies to meet challenges that women engineers may face in their careers and will offer practical advice on understanding leadership and help to create a professional brand.
(4-week evening course)
Better Business English Language Course (Intermediate Level)
This course is aimed at engineers and technicians with English as a second language who already possess an intermediate level of English but who are looking for the opportunity to improve and practise in a safe, focused environment.
(4-week evening course)
Better Business English Language Course (Intermediate Level II)
This follow-on set of classes explores topics such as project management, analysing reports, writing skills, improving technical language, office responses, and presentation skills.
(4-week evening course)
Better Business English Communications Course
This is an ideal course for previous attendees of the “Better Business English Language Course - Intermediate Level I & II”, as well as newcomers.