Better Business English Communications Course


4-week evening course

CPD Credit: 12 hours, C4

Course Overview

Irish-based engineering employers are attracting more and more engineers and technicians with English as a second language. Whilst they may possess excellent technical English, they are often keen to improve their general business English in an engineering context for office conversation, meetings, and correspondence. This is an ideal course for previous attendees of the “Better Business English Language Course - Intermediate Level I & II”, as well as newcomers.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at engineers and technicians with English as a second language who already possess an intermediate level of English but who are looking for the opportunity to improve and practise in a safe, focused environment. This is an ideal course for previous attendees of the “Better Business English Language Courses - Intermediate Levels I & II”, as well as newcomers.

Course Aim

This four-week language programme will help you develop your business English in an engineering context allowing you to use professional language more accurately and confidently. The course has been designed to give you the space to use English in a relaxed yet professional space. We equip engineers and technicians to enhance and develop their spoken and written use of English.

Through a series of targeted classes, students will become aware of useful grammar, phrases and skills that can improve their command of the language in a professional context, boosting fluency. Classes are interactive, encouraging discussion and speaking throughout. 

Course Programme

Over the 8 sessions we will practice key competencies. The course will focus on writing, reading, speaking, and listening with time dedicated to key vocabulary, grammar review and practice: each class will include a tight schedule: a listening dictation, phrasal verb practice, list of key phrases, word formation, speaking and reporting session. There will be homework practice.

The course is designed around the following topics:

  • Explaining your role - Key questions for interview. Using discourse markers, key words. Students plan, discuss, produce, and share a fluent presentation based on your professional skills and experience.
  • Designing functions making changes - In your role, what changes have you made to your projects and process? Key language describing trends and changes.
  • Asking for clarity / editing answers - In a simulated meeting, key phrases to offer opinions, present, interrupt, describe situations clearly. Focus on writing better emails, error correction on emails.
  • Brainstorming and Making suggestions in Business meetings - Offer suggestions on a zoom call, being organised.
  • Agreeing and disagreeing - Looking at current key engineering projects across the nation, giving feedback, looking at key phrases to present a proposal.
  • Interview training - Following the Engineers Ireland recommended format to simulate a standard professional interview. Students practise key phrases and plan their own interviews.
  • Documenting your learning - Looking at, implementing, and learning strategies that work. Support in self-directed learning and exam practise to raise your level of accuracy and confidence. IELTS and FCE skills in reading and grammar.
  • Presenting your ideas - Understanding the value of presentation skills and good planning in English.

Learning objectives

  • Achieve confidence in business English
  • Practise professional and technical terminology
  • Using a unique step-by-step process, strengthen and develop your language skills
  • Enhance vocabulary and communication skills
  • Improve fluency and pronunciation

Trainer’s Profile

John Kavanagh has been a teacher and trainer for 15 years in Germany and Ireland. As a result of his work, he has set up True Learning, a training house, which specialises in ESP (English for specific purposes). Courses include presentation and interview skills, Business language, technical English, exam training, and pronunciation.

John has an effective style and consistently gets results. His classes are tailored specifically to your needs and offer creative, focused, and enjoyable material. He works with International engineering clients and multinational companies providing in-house language training while also developing his own individual courses in English for Business. Visit:


  • Rafaela Christ da Silva, Arup: “The teacher is very nice and approachable, material is also very good, and the classes are really helpful.”
  • “I would have liked to have additional lessons. The course was very helpful”
  • “The course was clear and detailed. Every opportunity for the students to ask questions was provided. I was very impressed with John teaching methods and how he involved the students in each class. I really appreciated it!”
  • “The course was wonderful, John knows exactly the type of vocabulary and expressions we need as non-natives to feel more at ease when communicating in English at work. He's a fantastic instructor and I enjoyed quite a lot the exchange with the rest of the participants. It was a lovely course, thanks for organising and delivering it.”
  • “The training materials and aids were useful. The information presented in the materials was tailored to my needs. The audio-visual aids and presentations were of good quality.”
  • “Thank you! This course met my expectations. It was well run and organized. Excellent training and trainer!”
  • “Excellent course.”
  • “I was very satisfied with the teacher and with the material he delivered.”
  • “Very well structured and conducted course.”
  • “Very useful for regular English-speaking professionals to remove small errors in their day-to-day English and use proper phrases and idioms to impress. Professionally can be very useful. Normal professionals focus on their technical language, but business language needs to be improved and this course helps it. “
  • “I've always appreciated the organization of this course. It was my second time in the course, and my enthusiasm and curiosity have not been changed since the first course. The teacher has a great way to interact with the students and to create connection between the students themselves. I really appreciated his way of teaching and how he paid attention to each student. He brought his sense of humor and enthusiasm which made learning the language pleasant.”

Please contact the Team for further information on scheduled course dates and In-Company options. You can reach us by phone: 01 665 1305 or email