CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering (NQF Level 9, 5 ECTS)

This stand-alone Level 9 CPD Certificate programme (which is accredited by TU Dublin) has been specifically designed in partnership with leading employers to allow recent graduates to get to grips quicker with the professional standards expected of those working in engineering-led teams and organisations.

Programme Overview

The transition from university or college life to the world of work requires substantial application and attention. 

By undertaking this programme, participants will understand what is expected of them, how they should behave and what they can do to accelerate their professional development and career prospects. 

Please contact us for further information and other specifications.

Accredited by TU Dublin

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The standard fee per participant is €1,550 on Online Open Programmes. Reduced group fees are offered for Online In-Company programmes, and additional discounted rates for private sector attendees can be offered subject to availability.


  • Open format: Delivered fully online. These programmes usually run from October/November to March/April of the next year. 
    To enquire about Open dates and request further details, contact the Open Programmes Coordinator Emma O’Flynn at eoflynn@engineersireland.ie.
  • In-Company format: These programmes can be arranged for groups of at least 10 delegates. We offer Online, Blended, or Face to Face delivery options. Please contact us for further information on In-Company rates. 
    To request further details, contact the In-Company Programmes Coordinator: Marina Tiribelli at mtiribelli@engineersireland.ie.

Programme Structure

The CPD Certificate programme equates to one TU Dublin module and is delivered on a part-time basis comprising six mandatory module components, approximately one weekday per month, for six months. Each module component is supplemented by a post component assignment. All module components are delivered from 9:30am-5:00pm.


  • Essential Skills of a Future Professional
  • Time Management & Organisational Skills
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • An Introduction to Project Management
  • Innovations in Excel for Engineers
  • Technical Report Writing Skills

The syllabus is available to download here.

Programme Features

The unique teaching and learning methodologies that are used during the CPD Certificate programme include:

  • Online Learning Management System - Engineers Ireland’s virtual learning environment allows self-paced learning with particular emphasis on materials which can prime participants to get the most from the classroom sessions and then provide exercises, materials, and recommended readings after formal class time.
  • Expert Tutors - all tutors have been selected for their industry expertise, their acknowledged contribution to the profession of engineering and/or their unique knowledge at the forefront of a chosen field.
  • Team-Based Learning - engineers from organisations of different sizes and different sectors will take part in each class.
  • Learning Contract Assignments - these are used to ensure the transfer of learning from each module component to the workplace in a manner that allows for a measurable and verifiable improvement in competence.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Programme Coordinators:

Open format: 
Emma O’Flynn: eoflynn@engineersireland.ie
Direct Line: +353 (0)1 665 1349

In-Company format:
Marina Tiribelli: mtiribelli@engineersireland.ie
Direct Line: +353 (0)1 665 1326

Programme Brochure

A PDF brochure is available to download here.

2022-2023 Participant Testimonials

I got the opportunity to attend the CPD certificate in professional engineering classes through my graduate programme. The classes covered a wide range of topics and were very useful for teaching the skills you need when starting out in a new role. I enjoyed each module particularly the Innovations in Excel module. I would highly recommend this course to anybody who is looking to advance their time management, communication, project management and IT skills.
Jennifer Redmond, Graduate Engineer, Pfizer

The CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering has been extremely beneficial to my professional development. The course has helped me to develop the soft skills required to communicate the technical knowledge, that I gained in college, in a professional manner. I would highly recommend this course for all graduates and see it as an essential addition to any graduate programme.
Matthew Davidson, Graduate Project Engineer, Tandem Project Management

The CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering was beneficial in broadening my knowledge of core aspects of engineering. Each class focused on different industry-focused skills, from time management to technical report writing. Working with a group of similarly experienced engineers from different disciplines on real-world tasks also taught me how to look at problems and solutions from different perspectives.
Stephen Watkins, Electrical Engineer, H&MV Engineering

2022-2023 Employer testimonials

For the past three years, ByrneLooby, An Ayesa Company, has included the Engineers Ireland CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering as an integral part of our Early Careers programme for engineers with less than three years industry experience. This program has proven to be beneficial for us in several ways. Mainly the opportunity it brings our graduates from various locations and cultures together online, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities from the outset of their careers.  The feedback we receive from our graduates regarding the program has consistently been excellent. They particularly value the reflective assessments that are seamlessly integrated into the programme, which allow them to track their progress from the university environment to a professional work setting. This success can be attributed to the program's well-structured and expert co-ordination from the team in Engineers Ireland.
Kelly Scott, Head of Learning & Development, ByrneLooby, An Ayesa Company

Engineer’s Ireland’s CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering programme is a great way to help our graduate engineers to transition from student engineer to professional engineer. It equips them with knowledge, skills, and behaviours that we require of Professional Engineers at ESB. The feedback from our graduates, who participate in the programme, is always positive. The programme plays an important part in building on their technical / academic learning and assisting them in developing the engineering competency for their future careers and helps them progress towards achieving Chartered Engineer status. The courses are delivered by expert tutors and there is always a high level of engagement which helps to create a strong learning environment.
Majella Henchion, Technical Capability Manager, ESB

Graduates at PUNCH Consulting Engineers have been participating in the Engineers Ireland’s CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering for a few years now.  Feedback from Graduates has been entirely positive.  The course provides graduates with a great transition into the working environment.  The running of the administration of the course from Engineers Ireland has also been seamless.
Julie Tiernan, Technical Director, Punch Consulting

Engineers Ireland’s CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering is a key part of our Graduate Programme. The feedback from the Graduates is always positive. Both the tutors and the programme coordinators are very supportive. The programme helps Engineers receive the essential skills required for any role. It shares practical advice and key learnings that can be used throughout their career. 
Jean Burke, Head of People & Culture, Tobin Consulting Engineers