Conservation Accreditation Register for Engineers

What is CARE?

CARE is the Conservation Register for Engineers. CARE is a joint Register between the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) and is administered by ICE. CARE has been established to identify civil and structural engineers skilled in the conservation of historical structures and sites. Engineers Ireland has entered into a bi-lateral registration agreement where civil and structural engineers who are Chartered Engineer members can join the CARE Register.   

Additionally,CARE has been established to:      

  • Assist clients in selecting an appropriate engineer with proven conservation experience
  • Encourage education and training in conservation engineering
  • Promote sympathetic and 'best practice' in conservation     
  • Raise the awareness of conservation in the engineering profession 

A full listing of CARE members operating in Ireland and the United Kingdom can be found here

Please note that individuals may be specialists in very specific areas of conservation work.

Are you a Chartered Civil or Structural Engineer skilled in the conservation of historical structures and sites?

Registrants of CARE:

  • Exercise advanced conservation attributes
  • Maintain continuing professional development in conservation
  • Understand the philosophy and methods of the conservation of historic structures and sites
  • Demonstrate competency in the application of conservation within the construction process
  • Use conservation philosophy and methods applied to heritage projects
  • Promote best practice in conservation
  • Appreciate disciplines and interests extending well beyond professional training

Why join CARE?

  • Achieve recognition of your experience in conservation
  • Prove your competence in the conservation of historical structures and sites
  • Improve your career prospects
  • Earn the descriptor 'Conservation Accredited Engineer'
  • Share your knowledge and experience across a wider spectrum
  • Pursue your continuing professional development in this specialist field

How to apply

Engineers Ireland Chartered Engineers (Civil and Structural disciplines) are now eligible to apply following the same application process open to Chartered members of ICE and IStructE.

  • Engineers Ireland members must be active Chartered Engineers to be eligible to apply
  • The application form can be downloaded at
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