Mutual Recognition Agreements

A Mutual Recognition Agreement is an agreement between certain countries to provide mutual recognition of an engineer’s professional title. You can apply to have your title recognised by Engineers Ireland.

This will in turn allow you to have your professional title recognised by a country that has an MRA with Ireland.

MRA Canada 1


How Do I Apply?

  • Mutual Recognition Agreement applications cannot be submitted online
  • MRA requests should be emailed to our Membership team with the subject line Mutual Recognition Agreement
  • Please include details of the title you hold and what professional body it has been awarded by

Titles covered by these agreements:

  • Chartered Engineer/ Professional Engineer
  • Associate Engineer/ Incorporated Engineer/ Professional Engineering Technologist (only transferable from United Kingdom and South Africa)
  • Engineering Technician/ Professional Engineering Technician (only transferable from United Kingdom and South Africa)

Am I eligible?

You are eligible to apply for recognition of your professional title if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have received your professional title from a country that has a Mutual Recognition Agreement with Ireland 
  • For the Mutual Recognition Agreement to apply you must have been elected to the title under that professional body’s standard professional review
  • That you are in good standing with and still a member of your original membership body