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The Roads and Transportation society is for engineers with an interest in road and rail design, transport planning and traffic engineering.

The Active Travel Series shares knowledge on the planning, design and delivery of walking and cycling schemes. The free-to-attend webinars are delivered by the National Transport Authority in collaboration with the Engineers Ireland Roads and Transportation Society. Learn more here

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Crossrail: Overview and Paddington station design and optimisation

Introduction [caption id="attachment_43190" align="alignright" width="300"] Fig 1: Crossrail route and connections[/caption] Crossrail is delivering a new east-west railway across London, to be named the Elizabeth line when it is opened. It will provide a high-frequency, high capacity service linking 40 stations over 118km, from Reading and Heathrow in the west to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. It increases central London’s rail capacity by 10 per cent and creates new ...

Revealed: No green light yet for self-driving cars, say Irish road users

Almost 40 per cent of Irish adults have said they wouldn't trust a self-driving car, a Road Safety Authority (RSA) survey into the attitudes of Irish adults towards self-driving cars has revealed. The study, which was conducted by Behaviour and Attitudes, was presented at the RSA’s annual international conference recently, which this year focused on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) or self-driving vehicles as they are more commonly known. Awareness of concept of self-driving cars ...

From engineering to the end line, it's all in a week's work for Mayo's Tom Parsons

From a young age, Tom Parsons had an interest in all things STEM: whether it was science, technology, engineering or maths. “I studied engineering at Sligo IT [BSc in civil engineering] and, when I graduated from there in 2010, I went on to DIT to do a master's degree [in Energy Management (MSc)]," he says. "I was always interested in construction, construction management and engineering. Any part-time job I had as a kid was in construction." Following graduation in 2012, Parsons had to ...

Pedestrian incidents and forensic tribology: An analysis

Like many fields, tribology or friction analysis is very broad. It is a postgraduate field since its foundations rely upon prior knowledge of several dynamic undergraduate subjects. Although its history is very old, tribology centres around an analysis of understanding dynamic surface interfaces and interactions. As with any aspect of forensic analysis, forensic tribology applies to past events, seeking to clarify and so understand them, either to ensure they don’t happen again or, if ...

The US Interstate Highway System 1960-1990 - a historical journey

The development of the US Interstate Highway System was the largest civil engineering project in the world with a final cost of more than €100 billion. Although a number of limited access, dual carriageway roads were built in the US during the 1920s and 1930s, the genesis for the creation of the Interstates was the end of the Second World War, when the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, Dwight D Eisenhower saw the German Autobahn system in 1945 which influenced his thoughts towards ...

In-vehicle technology - what does it mean for health and safety?

Vehicle manufacturers are investing billions of euro in new in-vehicle technology and there are predictions that by 2020, autonomous vehicles will be a common sight on the road. In the meantime, many of the features needed for full autonomy are already available. From the perspective of managing the safety of drivers in your organisation, what do you need to know – and what should you be doing? Some years ago, I had a conversation with a fleet manager who was very excited about a deal he ...

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