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The Roads and Transportation society is for engineers with an interest in road and rail design, transport planning and traffic engineering.

The Active Travel Series shares knowledge on the planning, design and delivery of walking and cycling schemes. The free-to-attend webinars are delivered by the National Transport Authority in collaboration with the Engineers Ireland Roads and Transportation Society. Learn more here

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Battery design could reduce electric car weight

  Battery weight has long vexed engineers designing electric cars for the mass market. Bigger batteries are needed to power a car for longer distances, but their weight in turn requires the car to expend more energy. But what if the body of the car itself was a battery? Researchers at Sweden's KTH Royal Institute of Technology have found a promising solution with carbon fibre. According to Eric Jacques, a researcher in vehicle and aerospace engineering at KTH, carbon fibre can fill two ...

Management, maintenance and motors - Dublin Tunnel operations

  Author: Paul MacDonald, CEng MIEI, executive engineer/training officer, Kildare National Roads Office The Dublin Tunnel is a 4.5km-long, twin-bore tunnel connecting Dublin Port to the M50 Motorway ring. The tunnel was proposed by Dublin City Council in order to remove heavy goods vehicles from the city centre for safety and environmental benefits. The tunnel project was funded by Dublin City Council, the National Roads Authority and the European Union. The Dublin Tunnel is a unique ...

Not enough space, not enough time: the life of a traffic engineer

  Author: Hugh McCarthy BEng MIEI, design engineer, Transport for London  The world population stands at just over seven billion people, up from 5.3 billion in 1990 and anticipated to grow at a rate of 1.2% per year. Considering that at least 54% of these are located in urban cities, with more expected to migrate from rural areas, there is increasing pressure on cities to accommodate growth and maintain services. One group that has to deal with this particular issue are traffic and ...

Boston's Big Dig - one of the US' toughest engineering challenges

  Author: Sean O'Neill, head of communications, National Roads Authority First and foremost, let me state for the record that I am not an engineer. I wish I was smart enough to be one, but nature and nurture were not on my side on this particular issue. Why do I have this wish? Well, in four words: ‘The Boston Big Dig’. Earlier in my career, I worked as a communications specialist for Bechtel Corporation on the largest urban highway renewal project in the world. I realise this is ...

Engineers develop wireless system to beat traffic congestion

  Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers have developed a new system, dubbed RoadRunner, which uses GPS-style turn-by-turn directions to route drivers around congested roadways. In simulations using data supplied by Singapore’s Land Transit Authority, the researchers compared their system to one currently in use in Singapore, which charges drivers with dashboard-mounted transponders a toll for entering congested areas. The Singapore system gauges drivers’ locations with radio ...

New lorry design could save lives on roads, according to study

  A longer, more aerodynamic cab with better vision for lorry drivers could save the lives of hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians, according to a new study by academics at Loughborough University’s Design School. The proposed new cab, 80cm longer with a rounded nose, smaller dashboard, expanded glazed areas, and a slightly lower driver position, could drastically reduce blind spots around the lorry. The ‘Direct Vision’ lorry concept would increase the driver’s field of view in front ...

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