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The Roads and Transportation society is for engineers with an interest in road and rail design, transport planning and traffic engineering.

The Active Travel Series shares knowledge on the planning, design and delivery of walking and cycling schemes. The free-to-attend webinars are delivered by the National Transport Authority in collaboration with the Engineers Ireland Roads and Transportation Society. Learn more here

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Why a focus on transport and mobility is key

The world around us is constantly changing and as we move through our lives, our needs change; what does not change is our fundamental need to be mobile – to get to the places we want to go, to see those that we want to see and to do the things we want or need to do, writes Dr Lorraine D'Arcy.

Four visions for the future of public transport

The way people get around is starting to change, and as a professor of transport strategy I do rather wonder if the modes of transport we use today will still be around by the turn of the next century, writes Marcus Enoch.

The role of technical engineering experts in construction disputes

Engineering experts are often engaged in construction disputes involving defects and collapses to opine on both the cause of a failure and the technical aspects relating to whether or not the structure was designed and constructed in compliance with the relevant legal requirements, writes Sean Brady.

Smart Cities: From plastic pollution to plastic roads

Imagine a road with no asphalt, no concrete, just post-consumer plastic waste – this is possible in the Netherlands.

Irish startup shines a 'smart light' on bicycle safety

It is when cyclists interact with road traffic that danger occurs and an Irish startup is helping to reduce this risk with its Kogii light, which is a feature-rich and innovative device that improves safety by responding and reacting to road and environmental conditions to improve visibility, writes Ken Mitchell.

Big data enables better urban transport networks

Improving public transport can be a very difficult task - but what if cities could tap into big data’s unlimited potential to make better decisions?


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