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Parents and Guardians

Family Fairs 

On Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 March STEPS Engineers Week Family Fairs will take place across Ireland, both in person and online. Tune in to or attend engineering shows and live workshops, suitable for the whole family. 

NOTE: Please take care to see if an event is IN PERSON or ONLINE before booking.


Engineers Ireland STEPS Family Weekend

Tune in to engineering shows and live workshops, suitable for the whole family.

  • Saturday 5 March: In-person shows and workshops taking place in Engineers Ireland, Ballsbridge, Dublin. [No online events this day].
    • Know It Educational Solutions will host three Lego Bricks Challenge Workshops in Engineers Ireland, Ballsbridge, Dublin on Saturday 5 March. Booking is now live here.
  • Sunday 6 March: Fully Online engineers workshops taking place digitally. [No in-person events this day].

NOTE: If you are displaying any symptoms relating to Covid-19, please do not to attend the Family Fair. Thank you.

Booking available from STEPS Engineers Week 2022 Eventbrite page.

Foróige YES! Youth Engineering Programme - Online

Join Foróige YES! Youth Engineering Programme for a STEPS Engineers Week Family Day on Saturday 5 March. Booking is available now here.

Institute of Technology Sligo - Blended

The Sligo Engineering Fair Day will take place at IT Sligo on Sunday 6th March.  A blended experience of in-person and online shows, workshops and demonstrations.  Join IT Sligo for the entertaining and dangerous, Devastatingly Dramatic Climate Show. Why not Learn how to solder and make a working electronic gadget to take home with you and much more.

All activities free of charge. Visit  to view the programme and book onto activities. Design – Build - Discover.

The Sligo Engineering Fair is produced by IT Sligo in association with Science Foundation Ireland, Engineers Ireland and industry partners Abbott.   

NUI Galway - Online

This year, NUI Galway has prepared some online events and resources that you can enjoy at home! This includes 'Fantastic DNA at home' workshops for families on Saturday 5 March. For more information, please visit the NUI Galway Website.

Free digital engineering resources

The STEPS team have lots of resources for families to access while at home, including these highlighted activities with links (with age suitability noted for each):

As Creative Engineering Quizzes: Primary & Secondary Level

Do you have what it takes to get top marks in the STEPS Engineers Quiz? ‘As Creatives’ has created PowerPoint quizzes to explore engineering remotely. Challenge your family members to see who the ultimate engineer is! Watch the intro short film to learn more about engineering all around you. 

For instruction, download the Engineering Everywhere Instructions

Watch the short intro video now.

As Creatives Engineering At Home Activity: Primary & Secondary Level

‘As Creatives’ have designed a special engineering challenge for you to try as family, using resources you’ll probably be able to find at home.

STEM Stories: Reading List - Primary & Secondary Level

The STEPS team has selected a list of books about engineering and STEM in its STEM stories reading list. Why not complete a reading from one of these engineering themed books? 

Download here.

STEM Stories: Film and Documentaries - Primary & Secondary Level

The STEM stories film and documentaries list will also get families excited about engineering and STEM. 

Download here.

Being Civil Podcast – Special STEPS Engineers Week Edition: Secondary Level

Is anyone in your house hold considering civil engineering as a career or educational option? A special edition podcast is being recorded for STEPS Engineers Week 2022, with students of the Civil Engineering degree at GMIT (Galway Mayo Institute of Technology) discussing their engineering journey. Click here for more information.

Share your involvement

The STEPS team would love to see how you are getting involved in STEPS Engineers Week.

Make sure to tag us and use our special hashtag #STEPSEngineersWeek and tag us:

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