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Register your event and we will include it on our website and in our media promotions. Good event descriptions can lead to more media coverage which is important for encouraging people to attend events. The description of registered events give the Engineers Ireland marketing team material to work with and provides journalists with leads for events.

Write a short, snappy event name

It is important that event names appear interesting and engaging to your target audience.


Instead of saying: Engineering talk about flooding

Try: How can we protect our homes from flooding?

Cut to the chase

When you register, you’ll be asked for an event description. Tell us what will happen at the event and what is interesting about it.

Address the 5 W's

If applicable, address the 5 W’s. Who is the event for? What exactly is happening? Where is it taking place? When will it take place? Why is it important?

Keep it crystal clear

Convey the essential and interesting information quickly. Use paragraph breaks to make your event look less text heavy. The event description is read first and needs to engage people or they will turn off within seconds.

Read your event description out loud

Reading your event description out loud can help catch grammatical errors. It’s worth spending an extra few minutes to ensure tone of your description is conveying enthusiasm.

Note: The event name, event description, date, time and location is the event information that appears first in the search results on the event calendar.

Register your event below: 

Activity ideas
Whether you're a school, company or even a library, we have plenty of ideas on the different types of activities you can organise for Engineers Week.