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Engineering Your Future


STEPS Engineering Your Future is an engineering experience programme that gives Transition Year students a hands-on, fun and practical insight into engineering at third-level and as a career. 

During the programme, which runs over three to five days, students attend interactive talks and presentations, get hands-on experience with group-based activities, visit local industry, and meet engineers at various stages in their careers. Text change test.

*Applications are currently closed. Register your interest for Engineering Your Future 2021 below. 


The EYF programme offers Transition Year students the opportunity to:

• Gain an in-depth understanding of engineering at third level and/or industry.

• Learn about the interesting and diverse career opportunities available to engineers.

• Discover the disciplines and technologies making up the exciting world of engineering.

• Meet engineers at various stages in their careers and hear about their experiences.

• Use the skills required of engineers through fun interactive challenges and project work.