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STEPS Engineering Your Future Challenge

Is your Engineering organisation planning on hosting a Transition Year student for Work Experience?

The STEPS Team have developed a PDF workbook with As Creatives, available to all Irish Engineering organisations for free. All we ask is that you answer our follow up survey after you use the workbook.

This 12 page PDF workbook contains the 'STEPS Engineering Your Future Challenge'. There are three parts to the challenge:

  1. Engineering in Practice- a short piece of research that the student undertakes (30-40 mins of work)
  2. Engineering Challenge- the student uses engineering and design skills to respond to a challenge ( 3- 4 hours of work)
  3. Engineering and Me- the student reflects on what a career in engineering would look like (30-45 mins of work)

To avail of this resource, please fill in the form here.

Further to this PDF workbook, your organisation may also be interested in being involved in the STEPS Engineering Your Future Programme (must be able to commit to hosting 10+ students). More here.