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STEPS Guides Engineering Badges have been developed in partnership with the Irish Girl Guides. The Guides Engineering Badges are Special Interest Badges within the Girl Guide badge structure. 

There is one for the Brownies (ages 7-10) and one for the Girl Guides (ages 10 - 14). 

The badge aims to introduce the girls to engineering, to make them aware of engineering in the world around them and to familiarise them with the diverse world of the engineer. 

The girls will experience the engineering design process and gain a meaningful understanding of how engineering is an interesting and rewarding career. 

Ask your leader about taking part! 


Trefoil News
Trefoil News STEPS Engineering Badge Special Edition
Trefoil News is the magazine of the Irish Girl Guides. The aim of the magazine is to provide information which keeps members up to date and informed.

STEPS Engineering Comp-E-tition and E-Badge

This Special Engineering Badge is custom-designed so that all members of the Irish Girl Guides can take part in engineering fun online and at home. This can be on your own or in a team. And what’s better fun than competing against your fellow members? 

The badge has three distinct challenges taking place throughout the year. Every participant receives a unique digital badge on completion of each challenge. Complete the three to earn the full trefoil STEPS Engineering E-Badge.

What’s more, each challenge is a competition – with brilliant prizes up for grabs including LegoTM sets and Kiwico subscriptions (3months).

Contact the STEPS team
To get in touch with the STEPS team please call (01) 665 1340