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Company Partners

STEPS runs a Company Partners Programme for companies, engineering societies or third level bodies who have over six engineers, or student engineers, interested in volunteering to visit a school taking part in the STEPS Young Engineers Award.

As a Company Partner your engineers will be trained as a group and you can arrange your school visits independently, perhaps deciding to visit in pairs or groups. STEPS Company Partners also get first preference in choosing which (registered) schools they would like to visit.



  • Volunteering is a positive and meaningful experience that has been shown to boost staff morale
  • Over 90% of STEPS Volunteer Engineers surveyed said their presentation and communication skills improved as a result of their participation in the STEPS Young Engineers Award
  • Your partnership with STEPS can be a beneficial addition to your company’s Corporate Social Policy and outreach agenda
  • Inspire young people in your local area to consider engineering as a career, helping to build the future pipeline of talented engineers

Some of our previous Company Partners