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International Women in Engineering Day

Free International Women in Engineering Day challenges for the classroom

International Women in Engineering Day takes place on June 23rd. INWED plays a vital role in encouraging more girls to take up engineering careers.

Resources for Primary Schools

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, you and your class can discover the engineering of three of Ireland’s heritage sites:

  1. Parke’s Castle
  2. Hill of Tara
  3. Rock of Cashel

Each heritage site has an engineering challenge pack full of engineering themed hands-on activities, through which children can discover Ireland’s engineering and heritage history.

Each challenge pack contains:

  • full instructions
  • worksheets
  • fun hands-on activities that can be completed in small groups in 15 – 60 minutes
  • activities with curriculum links and engineering connections 
  • activities intended for primary school children aged 8 to 12

Your class could make The Hill of Tara: The Mound of Hostages in Papier Mâché, Parke’s Castle: Brian’s Boat using newspaper and spaghetti or The Rock of Cashel: Weathering the Weather activity with a bathroom sponge and watercolour paints. 

There are lots more activities to choose from using materials that are readily available!

How to get involved

Encourage your class to discover engineering and download the free resources to get started. 

Let us know how you get on

Don’t forget to let us know what activities you complete and tag us on social media.