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The purpose of this presentation is to explore some of the myths about engineering that students may have and to inform them about the engineering profession, the role of engineering in society, and the many career options available in the engineering sector.

STEPS encourage volunteers to go to post-primary schools and deliver this presentation. It's about you – what you do, how you got into engineering, and what you like about it. Your enthusiasm for your profession is very important in getting the message across that engineering is an attractive career.

The post-primary presentation is flexible and can be adapted to suit each volunteer. Your presentation should contain all mandatory modules (including the feedback slide) and two optional modules.

You can choose which slides to include and how much time to spend on each slide. Remember - you are a role model, so take the time to customise the presentation to showcase your career journey and story. Speaker notes are included in the PowerPoint documents to assist you in your presentation.

 Format of your post-primary school visit

  •    Presentation - 30 minutes
  •    Q & A session - 10 minutes
  •    Approximate visit time: 40 minutes

Preparation before your visit

  •    Read the instructions for arranging your visit
  •     Select your PowerPoint modules
  •     Personalise your presentation
  •     Read through the presentation and speaker notes

Post Primary Presentation

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