Guidelines on committees and council

How do I join a committee? 

In order to become a committee member of a regional branch, engineering division or society, you must first be a member of Engineers Ireland. 

You should express your interest to the chairperson or secretary – you will find their contact details on the website. If there is a vacancy on the committee, you may be elected immediately or you may have to wait until the next AGM, when the changeover of committee members occurs and your name can be formally put forward. 

As with all Engineers Ireland committees, election is for a three-year period but you may stand down at any stage. In the case of an officer (chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, etc.) this can be extended, but we do recommend regular turnover of members in order to inject new blood and fresh ideas. 

Committees should endeavour to get the mix right and have a group that is reflective of our overall membership, so when considering new members, committees should give some thought to engineering discipline, membership grade, gender and age profile.