083_THOMOND_LOGO_REVThe Thomond region is a hub for members based in Clare, Limerick and North Tipperary, representing all sectors of the industry, providing local CPD and networking events for engineers.

Some of the events previously held in the Thomond region include:

  • The 2018 Engineers Ireland Annual Conference – Infrastructure, Industry and Innovation
  • Site visits including the Limerick Gasworks Remediation Project and Ardnacrusha
  • Technical presentations and social events

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UL students scoop honours at international Engineering and Commerce Case Competition

A team of four undergraduate students from the University of Limerick were the 2017 winners of the internationally renowned Engineering and Commerce Case Competition (ECCC) held in Montreal, Canada at the start of March. Patrick Lu (second-year Electronic and Computer Engineering), Eoin Hann (third-year Civil Engineering), Darren Fehilly (second-year Mechanical Engineering) and David Monaghan (second-year BBS) travelled to Montreal to take part in the four-day-long competition and emerged ...

Virtual project team-types and impact on project success

The virtual team concept emerged in the early 1990s when US multinationals and their affiliates overseas began using dispersed teams in order to integrate their work practices. Since then, increased globalisation and rapid improvements in communication technology have resulted in growth in the use of virtual teams, so that today nearly all organisational teams are virtual to some extent. It is therefore important that the working and functioning of virtual teams is well ...

CIT students' lifesaving device wins Irish leg of 2016 James Dyson Awards

In August 2015, three men were working on a maintenance platform suspended beside the Thomond Bridge in Limerick. The platform was sent underwater when the cable holding the maintenance platform failed. The three men were equipped with automatic-inflation life jackets. However, because their safety harnesses were connected to the maintenance platform by a lanyard, when their life jackets inflated, the buoyancy lifted them away from the sinking platform. Two of the three men were unable to ...

FESTA Strategic Career Manager: supporting women’s progression in academia

The FESTA Strategic Career Manager (FESTA-SCM) is a decision support system for junior to mid-level academics and researchers. It provides individuals with a personalised career-development profile based on their responses to questions. While this system has emerged from research with a focus on women and on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), it is useful to both women and men, and to academics and researchers from disciplines outside STEM. FESTA-SCM was developed in ...

Engineering the microstructure of tissues: introducing melt electrospinning writing

There are a wide range of cases where the human body is unable to heal naturally as a result of serious trauma or disease. Cases such as second- and third-degree burns, damaged blood vessels and large bone defects may require grafting procedures to complement and facilitate the complete healing of the damaged tissue. Repair of large bone defects, which are unable to heal naturally, are typically achieved by transplanting bone from one part of a patient’s body, such as the pelvis, to the ...

Irish engineer’s endoscopic device improves outcomes for liver patients

Engineers can save lives. We don’t think about that a lot of the time. Young people going into medicine for example, do so in the hope that they will be able to help people, to save lives. Do budding engineers think along similar lines? They should if the career of Jimmy Eaton-Evans is anything to go by. Currently developing a simpler, less risky way to cauterise gastro-oesophageal varices, Eaton-Evans has a track record of invention in healthcare. He has been working for multinational ...

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