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The Water and Environment society is for engineers with an interest in the environmental and water aspects of civil engineering.

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How do floating nuclear power plants work?

An innovative solution to our energy problem or a floating hunk of health hazard?

Offshore wind turbines could number 30,000 by 2030 – new ideas in ocean engineering are needed to install them

Design principles which aim to meet human needs alongside the needs of the planet have recently been applied successfully to city planning in Amsterdam. Applying similar principles to planning in the ocean might start with a single question: what would it mean for both a wind farm and the habitat it is in to thrive?

Houses built into the earth may save us from the heat

Earth houses built during the 1970s and 1980s in response to the gas crisis might be the perfect solution to today's global warming.

Analysis of water usage efficiencies and increasing capacity in Micro Bio Ireland Limited

The aim of this research project was to help ensure that Micro Bio will not be limited by water supply during its capacity upgrades. It also gave an insight to water usage onsite, helping Micro Bio make the most out of each litre. This in turn should reduce pressure on the site’s feedwater supply and reduce unnecessary waste sent to the effluent, writes Pádraig Sheehan.

Farmers urgently need to diversify, but they cannot do it alone

Boosting biodiversity on farms is crucial to make them more resilient to climate change and protect future food security, but it will not happen without change across the food supply chain from seed producer to consumer, say agronomists.

Miami building collapse: What are the potential causes?

As the search for survivors continues, questions are being raised about what caused a 12-storey apartment complex to collapse in Surfside, near Miami in Florida. Experts gathering information at the scene will have to consider a range of possible causes – from structural defects to environmental influences – and whether a combination of factors may have triggered the sudden collapse of the 40-year-old block.


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