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The Water and Environment society is for engineers with an interest in the environmental and water aspects of civil engineering.

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Sandcastles engineering: How water, air and sand create solid structures – a geotechnical expert explains

If you want to understand why some sandcastles are tall and have intricate structures while others are nearly shapeless lumps of sand, it helps to have a background in geotechnical engineering, writes Joseph Scalia, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, Colorado State University.

Engineers build a battery-free, wireless underwater camera

The device could help scientists explore unknown regions of the ocean, track pollution, or monitor the effects of climate change.

Wastewater pilots boost resource management in India

Climate change, drought and population growth have made the management of India’s water resources a pressing concern. To address this, and in partnership with local stakeholders, the EU-funded PAVITRA GANGA project has successfully piloted and monitored new wastewater treatment technologies. Once fully implemented, these could bring significant health and environmental benefits to citizens.

Wastewater monitoring took off during Covid – and here’s how it could help head off future outbreaks

A community’s sewage holds clues about its Covid-19 burden. Over the course of the pandemic, wastewater surveillance has become an increasingly popular way to try to understand local infection trends, write Susan De Long and Carol Wilusz.


Exploration of authentic teaching, learning, and assessment practice in CPD in built environment – Part 2 research and innovation panel

The aim of the seminar was to explore authentic and appropriate teaching, learning, and assessment practice in CPD through a multidisciplinary and international lens, to identify opportunities for learning enhancement in the built environment.

Taking pray out of spray and Spotify for blossoms

Each day, millions of us load fresh fruit and flowers into our shopping baskets. The global trade in cut flowers and citrus fruits together are worth about €30bn. When it comes to embracing technology, however, these big businesses tend to remain stuck in the past. 


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