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The Water and Environment society is for engineers with an interest in the environmental and water aspects of civil engineering.

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Future wearable electronic clothing could be charged by our own body heat

Thanks to rapid computing developments in the last decade and the miniaturisation of electronic components, people can, for example, track their movements and monitor their health in real time by wearing tiny computers. Researchers are now looking at how best to power these devices by turning to the user’s own body heat and working with garments, polka dots and know-how from the textile industry.

My engineering life Q&A: Katherine Condon, distiller

Chemical engineer and distiller Katherine Condon describes the importance of possessing technical, creative and communication skills, while also having a good nose for judging whiskey; and says that Henry Ford, 'the man who put the world on wheels', and Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, are among her engineering heroes.

Smartphone, blockchain technologies to open new frontier in fight against food fraud

Food fraudsters have found myriad ways to trick shoppers – from cheap horsemeat sold as beef to conventional apples labelled as organic. But new rapid testing and tracing technologies may help turn the tables on food crime.

Lessons from the Clean Air Car Race 50 years later

The Clean Air Car Race, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in August 2020, had a lasting impact on the US auto industry, government regulations, and the students and faculty who took part.

Dairy waste is being turned into bioplastics and plant food

Dairies in Europe are major economic drivers in rural areas, but they produce significant waste from cleaning and processing. Wastewater and milk residue, which are typically disposed of, are now being turned into new products such as phosphate-rich fertiliser and bioplastics.

Transport networks: Being resilient and change ready

Transport networks are constantly challenged by the occurrence of hazards. In Ireland, in recent years, the transportation network has experienced important disruptions, caused by several storms, and these episodes have shown the vulnerabilities of the network and the serious impact that they can have on the users and the economy, write UCD's Beatriz Martinez-Pastor and Vikram Pakrashi.


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