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The Water and Environment society is for engineers with an interest in the environmental and water aspects of civil engineering.

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Beach bots, sea ‘raptors’ and marine toolsets mobilised to get rid of marine litter

Often quickly disposed of but lasting in the environment for tens to hundreds of years, plastic litter pollutes our seas worldwide, creating a serious threat to wildlife and contributing to climate change as they break down.

How these maps reveal the truth about population density across Europe

It is often said that England is the most densely populated large country in Europe – typically in discussions about its rising population, and the growing strain on public services. But it’s not true, writes Alasdair Rae, professor in urban studies and planning, University of Sheffield.

Why I became an engineer: Laura Burke, EPA director general

Coming from a family background in engineering, chemical engineer and EPA director general Laura Burke says her father is her hero and was the first person to teach her about the importance of making decisions based on evidence and facts, and to be ready and willing to stand over those decisions. She also discusses her love for bridges, knitting, and ... talking about knitting.

Solar-powered system offers a route to inexpensive desalination

Passive solar evaporation system could be used to clean wastewater, provide potable water, or sterilise medical tools in off-grid areas. 

To feed a growing population, farmers look to the sun

Power above, crops below. What a bright idea – researchers are testing the effectiveness of growing crops under solar panels.

How robots and bubbles could soon help clean up underwater litter

Everybody loves to visit the seaside, whether to enjoy the physical benefits of an exhilarating swim or simply to relax on the beach and catch some sun. But these simple life-affirming pleasures are easily ruined by the presence of litter, which if persistent can have a serious negative impact on both the local environment and economy. However, help is at hand to ensure the pristine nature of our coastlines.


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