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The Water and Environment society is for engineers with an interest in the environmental and water aspects of civil engineering.

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Water in a loop: How to combat water scarcity on remote islands

Every summer, thousands of tourists travel to Greece’s idyllic islands to enjoy their sunny beaches. Even the global pandemic couldn’t keep visitors away, but water scarcity might. Many Greek islands survive on water imports and are struggling to meet residents’ and agriculture’s water needs – let alone those of tourists.

China's new dam project could dwarf the Three Gorges Dam

China's new dam project is going to be a massive engineering marvel over a politically important river.

This nanoparticle-based fuel additive can reduce cars’ environmental impact

Fossil fuels will be around for a while despite their disadvantages, but new additives could make them eco-friendly and sustainable.

Startup empowers women to improve access to safe drinking water

Saha Global helps Ghanaian women start profitable water treatment businesses to serve their communities.

Understanding solar roadways: An engineering failure of epic proportions

Solar roadways were once thought to be the holy grail of the world's energy crisis, but they didn't quite answer the purpose.

Dave Timlin: An appreciation

A gentleman to his fingertips, Dave Timlin was an extremely loyal colleague and friend. His legacy can be seen in the vast number of major capital projects delivered under his stewardship and in the meticulous systems and procedures he oversaw to ensure continually improving excellence and professionalism by Clare County Council in the delivery of services to the Clare public in a dynamic and evolving environment.


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