086_WEST_LOGO_REVThe West region is a hub for members across all sectors of engineering and who are based in Galway, Mayo or Roscommon. It represents many sectors of the industry, including third level education, local authorities, central government, contractors, companies, researchers and many more. The region provides CPD and social networking events for engineers of all grades and disciplines.

The Gaeltacht region of Galway and Mayo is also included in the West region and welcomes participation "as Gaeilge" with an annual  Leacht as Gaeilge.

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Engineering a new way to deliver drug therapy to heart tissue

I am fortunate to have a diverse, transAtlantic experience in biomedical engineering, which spans the fields of academia and industry. I’m a Galway girl and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical) degree from NUI Galway in 2004. While in university, I did my work placement in Mednova Ltd, a Galway company that was since acquired by Abbott Vascular. On graduation, I was awarded a place on the IBEC Export Orientation Programme (now IBEC Global Graduates), which allowed me to work ...

'Smart' biomaterials and next-generation medical devices

Dr Manus Biggs’ current research is focused on applying nanofabrication techniques to novel classes of electrically active and responsive ‘smart’ materials. Electricity is ubiquitous in living things. In humans, it provides the basis for thoughts, senses, movement, cardiac activity and evidence is growing that it may also play a crucial role in the functioning of our musculoskeletal system. Consequently, electrically active and responsive or ‘smart’ biomaterials offer significant ...

Competitive cycling: pushing the boundaries of engineering

Authors: Paul Mannion 1, Magdalena Hajdukiewicz 2, Bert Blocken 3, Eoghan Clifford 4 Affiliations: 1 PhD researcher, 2 postdoctoral researcher, 4 lecturer - all civil engineering, College of Engineering and Informatics, NUI Galway & Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering, NUI Galway; 3 professor, Department of the Built Environment, Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) & Department of Civil Engineering, Leuven University (Belgium) Background Cycling has ...

Building Ireland's most energy-efficient car

  Authors: Nathan Quinlan, Maeve Duffy, Rory Monaghan, College of Engineering and Informatics, NUI Galway How efficient is your car? Most family cars need four to six litres of fossil fuel to cover 100km (45-70 miles per gallon, in more familiar measures). Hybrids run at the better end of that range, and perform more consistently across various driving situations. Small advanced diesel engines approach three litres per 100km or 100 miles per gallon (though with some hidden costs, as we ...

Refurbishing and extending Hughes Bridge, Sligo

Michael Hughes Bridge links the N4 National Primary Route with the N15 and the N16. Construction of the bridge commenced in July 1987 and it was opened to traffic in December 1988. It carries the N4 national primary road over the Garavogue River in Sligo city. The general topography around the bridge is level. The surrounding areas are urban, with Sligo city centre to the southeast of the site and Sligo harbour immediately west of the bridge. The carriageway was 13.42m wide with footpaths ...

A look at the final stages of construction of Corrib Gas pipeline tunnel

Finalising works on the Corrib Gas Pipeline Tunnel, under Sruwaddacon Bay in north-west Mayo, marked the completion of the longest tunnel in Ireland and the longest utility tunnel in Europe. Some 3.5m internal diameter, 4.2m outer diameter and measuring 4.9km it is approximately 300m longer than the Dublin Port Tunnel. The tunnel is part of the Corrib Gas Project, which is now in its final phase of construction. The Corrib gas field was discovered in 1996 by Enterprise Oil which ...

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